Dude, Stop – Guide To All Good, And Bad Solutions/Achievements

Dude, Stop

Developer and Publisher Team HalfBeard recently released their new game titled Dude, Stop. it is an indie 2D game where players solve different kinds of puzzles to progress through the game and earn different trophies.

In Dude, Stop Players can take any decisions they want and get different results. as there is more than one result for every collecting achievements and different ending can getting confusing sometimes. so below you will find a guide on how to get all the good and bad solutions.

Guide To All Good, And Bad Solutions/Achievements In Dude, Stop

Tutorial Section – There is nothing to make it right or wrong so I will just post solutions for this part. Remeber repeating this part three time will give you a special trophy.

  • Base On Stand – Throw the base on the floor.
  • The Book – Pull the red marker from the book
  • Museum – Tilt the ship portrait
  • Boxes – Turn the big box upside down
Part 2 of Dude, Stop
  • If you complete the Jigsaw puzzle you will receive one trophy.
  • If you switch the head of bears and complete the puzzle then you will receive another trophy.
Part 3 of Dude, Stop


  • Good solution – Put in in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Bad solution – Put it anywhere you want to expect the upper right corner.

Sandals, Socks, And Foot

  • Good solution – only wear sandals
  • Bad solution – wear both sandals and socks

Domino blocks

  • Good solution – push it to the right side and if you are able to drop other blocks you will receive a trophy
  • Bad solution – push it to the left side

Word Fonts

  • Good solution – choose anyone except comic sans
  • Bad solution – choose comic sans

Rainbow recording

  • Good solution – record it just the way it was given to you
  • Bad solution – turn the phone upside down and then record it
Part 4 of Dude, Stop

In this part, I will just post the good solution and for the bad part just choose the opposite answer. if you complete the test under 20 second regardless of the correct answer you will receive an achievement.

  • Spherical Earth
  • Earth Revolving Sun
  • Vaccination – No
  • Lizard people – No
  • Apple – Your
  • Zelda – Girl
  • Video Game – anything else
Part 5 of Dude, Stop

Bowl Of Red candy and Bowl Of Green candy

  • Good solution – place the green candy in the green candy bowl
  • Bad solution – Place the green candy in the red candy bowl

Lego blocks

  • Good solution – place every lego blocks in the bowl
  • Bad solution – scatter every lego blocks on the floor


  • Good solution – cut the pizza and make 8 perfect slices by cutting through the middle.
  • Bad solution – for this part cut it any way you want. but if you want the three trophies then you need to repeat it three times. first time cut the pizza into 11 irregular pieces, the second time only cut the crust and third time cut it any way you want but don’t touch the salami.


  • Good solution – place every crayons according to their respective color block
  • Bad solution – place them in wrong color block and also turn them upside down. this will give you an achievement.


  • Good Solution – complete the Tetris puzzle
  • Bad Solution – don’t complete the Tetris puzzle

Chopsticks, Knife And Fork

  • Good Solution – choose and pick up the sticks
  • Bad Solution – choose and pick up the knife and fork.


  • Good Solution – drive slowly through the puddle so no one gets wets
  • Bad Solution – drive fast through the puddle so everyone gets wets
Part 6 of Dude, Stop

Cat, Sink, And Glass

  • Good Solution – Jump down without breaking the glass
  • Bad Solution – turn on the water, throw the glass down to break it and click on the cat to make it leave. for achievement put the cat in the sink and turn on the water.

Cat And Bed

  • Good Solution – Let the cat sleep on the clothes
  • Bad Solution – Let the cat sleep anywhere except on clothes

Cat And Box And House

  • Good Solution – place the cat near the toy
  • Bad Solution – open the box and put the new home on the other half and then make the cat go into the box.

Dog And Fridge

  • Good Solution – navigate the dog out of the kitchen
  • Bad Solution – make the dog bump on the fridge until the slipper fells down. once down let the dog grab it.

Dog Outside At Night

  • Good Solution – Just don’t click on the dog
  • Bad Solution – repeatedly click on the dog to make noise

Cat And The Door

  • Good Solution – click on the cat near the door one time and leave through the door
  • Bad Solution – click on the cat near the door several time and then go towards the window
  • Good Solution –
  • Bad Solution –
Part 7 of Dude, Stop


  • Good Solution – open it and then turn it off by using the switch
  • Bad Solution – open it and then click on the red part.

USB Drive

  • Good Solution – click on the blue text and then pull the USB drive
  • Bad Solution – Remove USB drive without clicking on the text.

Mobile Battery

  • Good Solution – charge it till 100%
  • Bad Solution – charge it until 99.9% and then remove it

Mobile Picture

  • Good Solution – Just take one picture
  • Bad Solution – spam click and take multiple picture. to get the achievement get 120/100

Waiting Line

  • Good Solution – Wait at the end of the line
  • Bad Solution – break the line and go to the front


  • Good Solution – Wait for all the people to enter the bus and then close the door
  • Bad Solution – just let two guys enter the bus and close the door

Path With Crack

  • Good Solution – do not step on the crack
  • Bad Solution – step on the crack
Part 8 of Dude, Stop


  • Good Solution – Do not draw on Monalisa
  • Bad Solution – Draw on Monalisa

Knocking Door

  • Good Solution – Answer the door
  • Bad Solution – Don’t do anything


  • Good Solution – make the string on the both side have equal length
  • Bad Solution – pull out the string completely from the hoody, this will complete an achievement.


  • Good Solution – Unstack the boxes
  • Bad Solution – Stack the boxes on each other

Phone and Burger

  • Good Solution – Don’t take the picture
  • Bad Solution – take the picture

Dog And Stick

  • Good Solution – Catch the stick and bring it back
  • Bad Solution – Don’t catch the stick

Monitor and power

  • Good Solution – save the work
  • Bad Solution – don’t save the work and let the power run out

Puddle and Sign

  • Good Solution – Put the sign on the puddle
  • Bad Solution – Put the sign away from the puddle

Bowl and Red ball

  • Good Solution – catch the ball with the bowl
  • Bad Solution – don’t catch the ball

Elevator door

  • Good Solution – just press one button
  • Bad Solution – press all the button, this will give you an achievement


  • Good Solution – talk with one of the person
  • Bad Solution – don’t talk

Drain Cover

  • Good Solution – let the cover be in its place
  • Bad Solution – turn the drain cover so it does not fit the hole
Part 9 of Dude, Stop

Car Lane

  • Good Solution – drive your car to the upper left corner
  • Bad Solution – drive on the left lane and block other

Stack the color blocks

  • Good Solution – stack the blocks correctly
  • Bad Solution – jumble up the stack. there are several achievement in this section. first the block correctly in 31 seconds. for next achievement grab the first one very quick right after the screen
    transition, this causes the game to not count it properly, and you will get 30 turns and also earn the secret achievement. for the last achievement make the stack in such a way that you never have a bigger block on top.

Riding Bus

  • Good Solution – sit anywhere on the bus expect near the one person
  • Bad Solution – sit next to the one person

Washing Machine

  • Good Solution – leave the red piece outside or just put in the red one
  • Bad Solution – put everything inside or just place white pieces inside.

Albums In Phone

  • Good Solution – swipe, look at 3 pics and then return the phone
  • Bad Solution – swipe, look at all pics and don’t return

Clothes and Basket

  • Good Solution – pick one up and put in the basket but don’t throw others
  • Bad Solution – throw the clothes, pick one and put in the basket

Movie and Mobile

  • Good Solution – go to settings and turn the volume down, then turn off the WLAN and put it back
  • Bad Solution – go to settings and turn the volume up
Part 10 of Dude, Stop

Mom calling

  • Good Solution – pick up your mom call
  • Bad Solution – don’t answer the call

In the next two scene, you just have to pick the objects. in the first scene pick the mobile and pencil, in the second scene pick up the blue dustbin


  • Good Solution – complete homework without clicking on the calendar
  • Bad Solution – first just fill the name and then click on the calendar, wait for the time to run out and finally scribble all over the homework


  • Good Solution – place the bin on the right side of the fridge and then place the picture on the screen to get an achievement
  • Bad Solution – place the bin on the right side of the fridge and then put the picture in the bin.

Pick the key will leaving the scene.

Locked Door

  • Good Solution – go to the door unlock it and use the spray one time
  • Bad Solution – go to the door unlock it and use the spray two time

Pick the key will leaving the scene.


  • Good Solution – fill the test sheet and then return the pen
  • Bad Solution – take the pen to the first screen and place it in the phone case

Back Pockets

  • Good Solution – place the keys and phone in separate pockets
  • Bad Solution – place the keys and phone in the same pocket
Part 11 of Dude, Stop

Christmas Tree

  • Good Solution – Put the tree in the box when the calendar in January.
  • Bad Solution – don’t put the tree in the box and click on the calendar until it is June.

Wall and Drilling Machine

  • Good Solution – Just drill and don’t click on the switch
  • Bad Solution – click on the switch until it reaches 6 and then start drilling

Paying Bill

  • Good Solution – put the money in the hand and give a tip
  • Bad Solution – put the money on the table


  • Good Solution – throw the trash into the dustbin
  • Bad Solution – use the shoe to throw the trash from the wall to the ground.

Power Cord

  • Good Solution – Put your adapter in the plug on the right side, so others can also charge their phones
  • Bad Solution – remove other chargers and put your adapter

Knife and Bread

  • Good Solution – take the knife and put it in the jar, then spread the bread and throw the jar away
  • Bad Solution – throw the jar away without removing the leftovers

Puzzle Box

  • Good Solution – place the round object in round hole
  • Bad Solution – place the round object in the box and just close it
Part 12 of Dude, Stop

Christmass tree

  • Good Solution – Wait until the calendar hits December
  • Bad Solution – wait till October and place the tree upside down and you will get the achievement.


  • Good Solution – put the burger together but without the pickles
  • Bad Solution – put the burger together but with the pickles

Teddy Bear and Ballons

  • Good Solution – give the balloons to the teddy
  • Bad Solution – let the balloons fly away

Car Parking

  • Good Solution – park it correctly
  • Bad Solution – park it incorrectly

Matching Clothes

  • Good Solution – take clothes of one color
  • Bad Solution – mix the clothes color


  • Good Solution – take 80085, its give you an achievement
  • Bad Solution – any wrong code

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