Jurassic World Alive – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Jurassic World Alive

Developer and Publisher Ludia Inc have released their new latest game titled Jurassic World Alive. it is an open world simulation game where players catch Dinosaurs which is a lot similar to the popular Pokemon Go game.

In Jurassic World Alive, players will have to search for different dinosaurs, level up, create fusion and evolution. if you are new to the game it can easily confuse you. so below you will find a guide which contains tips and trick to master the game.

Tips And Tricks For Beginners In Jurassic World Alive

The new Jurassic game looks similar to the popular Pokemon Go game. but it has a lot of different mechanics which effects the game very much.

Below you will learn about the basic gameplay on how to catch a Dino, leveling up, fusioning dinosaurs and creating Hybrids and also about evolution. these will help you became a better hunter and a Dino master.

Catching Pokemon – to build your own team of dinosaur you will need to catch a lot of a lot of them whenever you can which can take a lot of time. but don’t worry there are some tricks which will help you catch the dinos faster.

One small tip is that the closer you are to a dinosaur you are trying to catch, the more time you will get to shoot it with darts from your drone. you can notice this difference with battery icon indicator on top of your screen.

Also, your main target during an encounter is the white spot on the dinosaur. the amount of DNA earned during an encounter will depend a lot on how close you have hit the white spot.

After your initial hit with a dart, the dinosaur will start moving at this point you will need to aim carefully as you have limited battery and the dinosaur will be moving constantly. to get better always observe and try to predict where the dinosaur is moving and pre-fire to hit it.

Using Fake GPS To Play Without Moving – if you want to play the game but cannot move out of your house then you can use the Fake GPS app which can be found in play store. just install it and set any location.

Level Up – you can level up in the game and to do that you will just need to catch more and more Dinosaur, you also earn XP for evolving and fusion so grind them to earn XP.

Evolving and Fusion – in Jurassic World Alive players can upgrade their dinosaur by evolving them. but to evolve a dinosaur you will need DNA and Dino coins which need to be earned by playing the game. remember different dinosaur require different amount of DNAs and Dino coins to evolve.

By using fusion method you can create a complete new Dinosaur. these hybrid Dinosaurs have higher levels, stats and different appearance also fusion has a high chance of giving epic, rare and legendary types. to complete a fusion you will need required DNA and Dino coins.

Supplies – There are different kinds of items present in the game which will help you in your Dino hunting adventure like Darts, Incubators, Dino coins and more. you can obtain these items easily by visiting the supply station or you can go shopping to purchase them.


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