Pokemon Quest – Guide On How To Level Up And Evolve

Pokemon Quest

Developer Game Freak and Publisher Nintendo have released their new latest game tilted Pokemon Quest. it is an action adventure game where players need to set up camp and then cook different recipes to attract pokemon.

In Pokemon Quest, there are many different types of Pokemon each having different traits and power moves. but if you want to make them more powerful then you can level them up and even evolve them. below you will find a guide on how to do it.

Guide On How To Level Up And Evolve In Pokemon Quest

Just like all major Pokemon games in the new Pokemon Quest too players can level up their Pokemon and Evolve them into their respective evolutionary form.

To level up a Pokemon you will need to earn experience points for them and to evolve them you will need to reach a certain level. all this can be done in many different ways but if you learn the basics of the game then it would not take much time.

Leveling Up The Pokemon – as mentioned above to level up a Pokemon you will need to earn XP and this can be done by selecting a Pokemon you want to level up and take them into the expedition. use them to fight other wild pokemon and they will earn XP with each fight and at the end of the expedition, they will get bonuses.

But if you want more efficient and fast way to earn XP and level up. then you should select the Level Up Training feature which is located in the menu. just select the Pokemon you want to train and click on the Training Menu and there select partner/support Pokemon which will help the selected Pokemon train. if you use the pokemon of the same type as the one you are training you will earn bonus XP.

Take note that while training all the pokemon participating will become unavailable until they complete it. if you want to speed up the process you can use PM Tickets.

How To Evolve a Pokemon – once your Pokemon reach a certain level it would automatically evolve which will upgrade its health, attack and other stats. just remember that different pokemon have different requirement for evolution.

If you want to level up a Pokemon but don’t want them to evolve them. then you can select your desired Pokemon from the menu and turn off the option available at the upper right section. if you turn it off it would work as an Everstone and stop the eveoltuion. but later if you decide that you want to evolve them. then you can just turn it on.

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