Pokemon Quest – Guide On How To Get Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Quest

Developer Game Freak and Publisher Nintendo have released their new latest game tilted Pokemon Quest. it is an action adventure game where players need to set up camp and then cook different recipes to attract pokemon.

In Pokemon Quest, there are many different types of Pokemon each having different traits and power moves. but there is one type of Pokemon which is very hard to catch and it is the Shiny Pokemon. below you will find a guide on how to catch them.

Guide On How To Get Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Quest

Shiny Pokemon are making their return to the new game and as always these shiny types would be very hard to get and are extremely rare and valuable.

The shiny pokemon and non-shiny pokemon have same power moves, stats, and evolutions but the only things that seem to be different between them are their appearance. sometimes the whole color of the Pokemon is different and sometimes only a part of the Pokemon looks different.

How To Catch Shiny Pokemon – as you already know catching Pokemon in Pokemon Quest is very unique and different from the traditional Pokemon games so you will need to take a different approach. the first method to catch Pokemon is to make a base camp and every 22 hours a Pokemon will be attracted to it automatically.

The second method is to cook different types of recipes which are made with different ingredients. each recipe attracts different types of Pokemon so you will need to cook a lot if you want to fill up your Pokedex. Check out the guide to all the recipe and how to catch each Pokemon.

You can wait for the meals to cook on its own or you can speed up the process by using PM Tickets. once a meal is ready a random Pokemon depending on the Recipe you have cooked will appear. there will be a small chance that the Pokemon is of the Shiny category.

Currently, this is the only known method to catch Shiny Pokemon which mean you need to grind a lot. fortunately, the rate of Shiny Pokemon drop is higher in Pokemon Quest when it is compared to other series.

How To Check If You Have Shiny Pokemon Or Not – sometimes just by observing the Pokemon you will be able to tell if you have a shiny one or not but if you ever get confused just follow the steps below.

  • Go To Edit Team screen
  • Click on any Pokemon you want to check.
  • Once you click on the Pokemon check the space below the range or melee type indicator.
  • If the space is blank then it means it a normal type but if it white then it is shiny.

Also, check out the following guide


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