Agony – Guide On How To Get All The Seven Endings


Developer and Publisher Madmind Studio have released their new latest game titled Agony. it is a first-person survival horror game where players find themselves in Hell as a tormented soul and now they need to use their unique afterlife ability to escape it.

In Agony, players become a resident of hell with no memories of their past. they need to explore the game and also need to take their own unique decisions which can lead to many different endings. to help you get all the endings you will find a guide which will explain how to do it.

Guide On How To Get All The Seven Endings In Agony

The survival horror game features many different features many different unlockables skills, secrets, collectibles and endings.

The game comes with seven different endings each having required different requirement to unlock and each of them is also related to different achievements. this guide will tell you how to reach each ending easily.

Normal Ending – This is pretty simple to do and can be completed easily if you have not tried to unlock other endings. all you have to do is play through the story of the game and win against the final boss on the last level of the game. This ending will unlock The Scarlet Woman achievement.

Evil Ending – to get this ending you will need to kill 70 characters which are a lot for this game. the good thing is that it does not matter which types of enemies you kill so just go on a rampage. to fully complete this ending you also need to reach and complete the Cathedral on the fourth level. This ending will unlock the first half of the Good and Evil achievement.

Angel Ending – to get this ending you must find all the four Angels present in the game. there is one angel in each level so search for them. after finding them all you need to reach complete level 2, this will complete the Angel Ending. this ending will unlock the second half of the Good and Evil achievement.

Baphomet Ending – to get this ending you will need to finish the level 1 by defeating boss Baphomet and get his 3D figurine. then with the 3D figurine, you must reach the Mushroom Mind, this will complete the Baphomet Ending. this ending will unlock the Your Soul is Mine achievement.

Madman Ending – to get this ending you will need to do very tedious tasks. first, you must reach to the mushroom mind. once there just keep standing and do not move for at least five minutes. this will give you the Madman ending and also unlock the I Found a Job achievement.

Succubus Ending – to get this ending you will need to complete the game as a Succubus. to play as a Succubus just play through the Story Mode and complete the game, then begin the game again by selecting the unlocked Succubus Mode. this ending will unlock the Pull It Out! achievement.

Nimrod Ending – This ending is the most time taking one and to complete it you will need to unlock several other endings. first, you must finish the game and get the Evil Ending. then you must play the game again, complete it and get the Succubus Ending.

Then you must find the parts of the golden statue and get the access to the Cathedral’s basement. finally, you need to get the Garments of Adam by either killing or possessing the martyr who wears it. this will unlock the I Was Born to Rule! achievement.

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