Pokemon Quest – Guide On How To Get Expedition Bonus Buff

Pokemon Quest

Developer Game Freak and Publisher Nintendo have released their new latest game tilted Pokemon Quest. it is an action adventure game where players need to set up camp and then cook different recipes to attract pokemon.

In Pokemon Quest, there are many different types of Pokemon each having different traits and power moves. to make your pokemon more powerful and gain valuable rewards you will need to complete different Expedition. below you will find a guide on how to do it.

Guide On How To Get Expedition Bonus Buff In Pokemon Quest

Apart from catching pokemon with the help of cooking recipe and luring them into the camp. there are some other mechanics which player need to grind to progress through the game.

The expedition is one of the important parts of the main gameplay which when completed rewards players with different kinds of items.

With captured pokemon, you need to venture into the new expedition in which you choose a team made up of any three pokemon and then use them to fight against other pokemon which can either be in wild or in a boss fights.

As you complete different expedition you will notice that the expedition bar on the upper left is getting filled and to fill it fully you will need to complete 12 Expedition and when it gets fully filled it would give you the Expedition bonus.

The Expedition Bonus is given to you automatically once the bar is filled. the bonus gives you different high-quality buffs which are very good and can be used to fight in high tier battles.

Furthermore, when you max out the Expedition Bonus, the next Expedition will give you a Power Stone which can boost attack, defense, power moves and give other valuable buffs for your pokemon.

Just remember that the Expedition Bonus lasts for only one Expedition and it does not matter if you win or lose. so use it only against strong enemies.

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