Agony – Guide On How To Possess Demons And Martyrs


Developer and Publisher Madmind Studio have released their new latest game titled Agony. it is a first-person survival horror game where players find themselves in Hell as a tormented soul and now they need to use their unique afterlife ability to escape it.

In Agony, players become a resident of hell with no memories of past but as a soul, they have now gained new abilities like to survive the nightmarish place. one of the abilities is the Possession of other bodies. below you will find a guide on how to do it.

Agony – Guide On How To Possess Demons And Martyrs

The possessing mechanic in the game is possibly the most difficult thing to get hold off as it changes in every situation.

You will be able to possess a Demon or Martyrs when you die. as you are in hell you will get a small duration in which you can possess a nearby body and jump into the gameplay once again. you can recognize a body which can be possessed by looking for a yellow aura emitting from a body.

Remember you won’t be able to possess every demon every time. as you progress through your game your power will increase and it will also increase your possession power.

Also, take note of the following mechanics – Not doing any kind of movement after the death gives you infinite time and making any attempt to move or possess will just speed up the timer. this mechanic is useful to scout a particular area and search for a body which is not surrounded by hostile demons.

Mastering Possessing Mechanics – when you begin possessing your target you will be able to see a string appear on the screen. this string will be moving randomly in every direction you need to control it and keep it in the center of the screen until the possession is complete.

It is better to use WASD direction instead of the mouse as the mouse movements make it way more difficult. also when you initiate possession remember to not release E Key until you complete it or else you will fail.

Change Settings For Easy Possession – if you are unable to possess the demons and are constantly failing. then there is a setting in the game which makes it easier.

Just pause the game and go to the options and there enable the Easy Possession. when you able this the strings won’t move too much and you will be able to control it easily, also you will just need to keep it at center for a few seconds.

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