Dark Souls: Remastered – Locations Of Fire Keeper Souls To Increase Healing

Dark Souls: Remastered

Developer QLOC and Publisher FromSoftware, Inc, BANDAI NAMCO have released the remastered version of their popular game titled as Dark Souls: Remastered. it is an action RPG game where players return to Lordan in a new stunning HD graphics with 60 FPS.

In Dark Souls: Remastered players will have to fight different kinds of enemies and bosses which are very difficult to kill. to keep toe to toe with these godly creatures you need to have enough health and to do that you will need Fire Keeper Souls. Below is a guide on how to get them and their locations.

Locations Of Fire Keeper Souls To Increase Heal In Dark Souls: Remastered

Estus Flask is the item which is used to heal your character. but it can be upgraded to heal more missing health and to upgrade it you would need Fire Keeper Souls.

There are many Fire Keeper Souls present in the game some are easy to get and some are very hard. but most of them involve killing high tier bosses which are linked to the bonfire of a particular location and killing them will have consequences.

In Blighttown – to get this soul go into the Valley of the Drakes entrance path and you will eventually find it being guarded by different kind of enemies.

In Undead Parish – you can get one Fire Keeper Soul in the church of the Undead Parish, On the Altar. it is being guarded by an undead knight.

In Quelaag’s Domain – to get this soul go to the secret area which is hidden behind an illusory wall and kill Queelag’s Sister. then break the wall covered in eggs in the passage after the boss fight. it will take you into a room where you can join the Chaos Servants covenant. just remember Killing Queelag’s Sister will disable the bonfire of this particular place.

In New Londo Ruins – to get this soul, go the New Londo Ruins and you will come across a wooden bridge. while crossing the narrow wooden bridge path look at the right side and you will notice it. when you try to get near it three ghosts will appear, defeat them and collect the Fire Keeper Soul.

In Anor Londo (Soul 1) – to get this soul kill the Darkmoon Knightess at the first Anor Londo bonfire. remember doing this would disable this place bonfire.

In Anor Londo (Soul 2) – to get this soul follow the quest path and let the Knight Lautrec kill Anastacia of Astora. when that happens you will find a Black Eye Orb on Anastacia’s body under the Firelink bonfire. take the orb and use it to invade and then kill Knight Lautrec. this will give you the Fire Keeper Souls.

In Duke’s Archives – to get this soul you must be killed by Seathe in your first encounter. this will give you access to the place located at the bottom of the prison tower. but you will need the Archive Tower Giant Cell Key. so get it and unlock the door behind the octopus creature.

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