Dark Souls: Remastered – How To Get Titanite Slabs And Twinkling Titanite

Dark Souls: Remastered

Developer QLOC and Publisher FromSoftware, Inc, BANDAI NAMCO have released the remastered version of their popular game titled as Dark Souls: Remastered. it is an action RPG game where players return to Lordan in a new stunning HD graphics with 60 FPS.

In Dark Souls: Remastered players will receive different weapon to fight various enemies. but as you progress in the game your weapon will become less and less effective. now to fight high tier enemies you will need to upgrade your weapon and to do that you will need Titanite Slabs and Twinkling Titanite.

How To Get Titanite Slabs And Twinkling Titanite In Dark Souls: Remastered

The titanite Slabs and Twinkling Titanite are some of the collectibles which players can find in the game. the only problem with them is that they are very rare and difficult to get by.

To fully upgrade a standard weapon or armor you will need to get Titanite Slabs which is the most difficult item to get in the game and the Twinkling Titanite is used to upgrade unique weapons or also known as boss weapons. you will need ten Twinkling Titanite to fully upgrade a unique weapon.

As mentioned above both the collectibles are pretty hard to collect but you can make it a bit easier. to do so first you must collect two items the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and the Symbol of Avarice. both these items have a unique trait which increases discovery rate.

To Get Covetous Gold Serpent Ring – to get this item go to Sen’s Fortress and there turn the boulder-dropping device towards the western path so that boulder is dropped there and fills the hole. once the hole is filled follow the west path and you will find a corpse in the window, the ring is on the corpse. this item also increases item discovery by 200.

To Get Symbol Of Avarice – it is a helmet piece which can be obtained by defeating a mimic. but there is 0.1% chance a mimic will drop it so you might have to grind it. this item Increases Item Discovery by 200.

Now you need to farm the titanite Slabs and Twinkling Titanite with Symbol Of Avarice and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring equipped.

To Farm Titanite Slabs – you should aim to kill the Darkwraiths as they have the best chance of dropping it. all you need to do is travel to New Londo Ruins, and defeat them. before killing them remember to equip the Covetous Serpent Ring and increase your Humanity. this will increase the chance of rare item drop.

The second way to get this item is by defeating the Stray Demon. you can find it in the Northern Undead Asylum. to get there go to the upper levels of the Firelink Shrine and from there take the elevator and lay down at the bird’s nest to return. finally, go to the Asylum Demon arena to find the Stray Demon.

You can also find Titanite Slabs in a chest present in Royal Woods. to get there go to Kalameet’s arena and look behind the waterfall to find a hidden chest. another way of getting it is by completing Siegmeyer quests which is very hard. but if you complete it you will get it as a reward.

To Farm Twinkling Titanite – The best place to farm this item is to kill giant shell enemies in the Ash Lake and crystal cave. to get to ash lake go to the bottom of Blighttown and then break the illusory wall present near the giant tree trunk. once inside you need to attack another wall to reach the Great Hollow. go to the bottom of great hollow and you will arrive at Ash Lake. For Crystal cave, you can just use the crystal cave bonfire which can be unlocked by defeating Seath the Scaleless.

Another way to get this item is by defeating crystal lizard which can be found at many different locations in the game. this item also drops from the Stone Guardian enemies in Oolacile and if you have a large number of souls you can buy it from the Giant Blacksmith (Anor Londo) which costs 8,000 souls each.

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