Detroit Become Human – Locations Of All The Graffiti To Find Jericho

Detroit Become Human

Developer Quantic Dream and Publisher Sony Interactive have released their new game titled Detroit Become Human. it is an adventure game where players follow the story of three androids Kara, Markus, and Connor.

In Detroit Become Human players can take many different decisions which will affect the story of the game. one part of the story players needs to find different graffiti to search Jericho. below you will find a guide to locations of all the art and the symbol to look to solve them.

Locations Of All The Graffiti To Find Jericho In Detroit Become Human

Players in the game will receive many different types of objectives which they need to complete in order to progress through the story.

In one of the mission, Markus needs to find Jericho and to do that you will need to inspect symbols hidden in the Graffitis all over the city. there are a total of seven different art which you need to locate below to get to the group’s hideout. below you will find all of them.

First Graffiti Location – As soon as you exit the train you will find it on the wall on the left. the symbol you are looking for is in the middle of the graffiti.

Second Graffiti Location – From there go down to the escalator and you will find it right in front of you. the symbol you are looking is in the upper right corners and the lower left.

Third Graffiti Location – To get this graffiti look for a flower shop in the street, cross it and take right. there inspect the first building on the left side, the graffiti looks like a rainbow. the symbol you are looking is on top of the lantern and another symbol is the star in red colored part.

Fourth Graffiti Location – The next graffiti is in a parking lot. to locate it look for a big yellow sign with Park written on it. this will take you into a narrow section where you will find the graffiti. the symbol you are looking for is on the head of the robot, the second symbol is on the stomach area of the third robot and the third symbol can be accessed once you remove the wooden plank.

Fifth Graffiti Location – This graffiti on a higher area to access it go to the junkyard and look for the interactive option on the ground. you will need to push the blue container next to the wall and use it to climb to the roof. there you will find the graffiti. the symbol you are looking for is the two black square and the one white square.

Sixth Graffiti Location – From the last location jump across the gap and you will find yourself in a courtyard. you will be able to see the graffiti up on the wall. the symbols you are looking for are the three white squares.

Seventh Graffiti Location – This is the last graffiti and can be found on the left of the spark plug. climb up the ruined building and then take the left turn. there you will need to find a specific position to form the red square that would be your symbol.


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