Raft – Guide On Tips And Tricks For Beginners To Survive


Developer Redbeet Interactive and Publisher Axolot Games recently released one of their latest game titled Raft. it is a survival and crafting game where players find themselves stuck on a small raft with very little resources.

Raft players need to learn a lot of different things like lack of food and water presence of threats like shark and storm. these mechanics can somethings become confusing so below you will find a basic guide that has some tips and tricks to help players survive the ocean.

Guide On Tips And Tricks For Beginners To Survive In Raft

Manage The Four Bars – Keep track of the four-bars the health bar which determines health, the food bar indicates the hunger level, the hydration bar indicates the thirst level and if you happen to enter the water another bar will appear which is the oxygen bar indicating the amount of oxygen left for staying underwater.

Don’t fall In-Water – Always stay on the raft because if you fall in the water the raft will float away and you will have to chase it which will drain your hunger and thirst bar also there is a shark always following the raft and once it notices you under the water it will attack you dealing heavy damage.

Collect Resources – You will find a lot of resources floating around collect them by hooking them and by your hand if they are near the raft.

Craft Hammer – the shark will start attacking your raft eating away one block at a time. so it is necessary to make your raft as big as you can and to do it you will need to get a hammer which you can craft easily by accessing the crafting menu.

Getting Water – you cannot drink the salty water as it is harmful so you will need to craft a purifying station and a cup. collect the saltwater with the help of the cup and place it on the purifier and then boil it to get clean fresh water. later you can also craft a bottle you store more freshwater.

Further, into the game, you can research and craft a more advanced purifier that does not require the burning of woods/planks to purify water.

Getting Food By Growing Plants – to grow your own food, you need to craft a planter and place in on the raft. now you need to collect seeds to grow a plant, look for barrels, and collect them as they sometimes contain potato or beet. once you find them plant them and give it freshwater, not saltwater, and also protect it from birds. once it is fully grown you can eat it and even plant more seeds and create an unlimited food source.

You can also collect food from the nearby island. if you find an island, just go there as you might find mangos and coconuts on trees and watermelon and pineapples on the ground which can be collected to increase your food resource.

Getting Food By Fishing – you can also craft a fishing rod by which you can catch fish and increase your food resources. you can eat the fish raw but it will increase your thirst so always cook it on a grill which can also be crafted. you will need to burn some planks to start a fire on the grill and get cooked fish.

Build A Research Station – you can craft a research station that will help you develop more new tools and items for making your raft more advanced. once you craft it interact with the books on it and you will see researchable things. you can then place one of the required items from any researchable item on the table. once all the items that are needed have been placed on the table, the research will be completed.

Sometimes you will get blueprints from the barrels when you find them place it on the research table and you will learn a new item.

Under Exploration – when you decide to go underwater for searching and collecting resources. craft anchor which will not let your raft float away. the cheapest anchor will need to be crafted over and over again after every use but the expensive one can be used again and again without needing to craft it ever again.

Remember to place a shark bait to distract the shark and also get fins and oxygen tanks to stay longer under the water.

Dealing With Shark – you will need to craft a wooden spear that will allow you to fight the shark who constantly attacks the raft. later you can upgrade it to get a metal spear which is more effective than a wooden one. if you want to explore the area under the water you will need to build a shark bait which will keep it busy for a few minutes.

Craft Sails – to move around the endless water you will need to craft Sails which will help you change direction.

Craft Collection Nets – these are one of the most useful things you can build it makes the tedious work of collecting items a lot easier. research it and simply build a line of them and it will collect items automatically.

Storage Box – this item can also be crafted after researching it will help you store more items. a small storage box has 8 available slots but a large storage box has 20 slots.

2 Replies to “Raft – Guide On Tips And Tricks For Beginners To Survive”

  1. Zo

    You can totally fight the shark underwater…

    I didn’t use the bait but killed th shark when I was going underwater for islands ressources, because it gives you 4 shark meats and a little time to search underwater. (the shark comes back rapidly)

    You need to need to look at him coming to you and right after he open his mouth you attack.
    It’s a little bit tricky, but remember you can go back to the land or your raft anytime and if you have food and water you can recover your life with time and try again.

    (you really need an anchor to do that)

  2. billybob

    the shark bait will only hold the shark of for like two mins but if you throw it within reach of your raft then kill the shark by stabbing or shooting it every time it goes for the bait you get 5 mins not much but its the longest you can get unless you mod

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