State Of Decay 2 – Guide On Specialization Skills

State Of Decay 2

Developer Undead Labs And Publisher Microsoft Studios have released their new game titled State Of Decay 2. it is an action-adventure survival game and a sequel to the 2013 State Of Decay in the new game players need to survive the apocalypse and make a thriving community.

In State Of Decay 2, players will encounter a lot of different problems like hordes of zombies, infestation, and other threats. to gain advantage and make use of the available resources to the fullest you need to get Specialization Skills for your characters. below you will find a list of them and what they do.

Guide On Specialization Skills In State Of Decay 2

Every Character in the game has different skills and each of them can be upgraded by leveling them up by grinding the game. this way you can make different community members a master of certain skills which will be very useful.

Once you have leveled up a particular skill of a character to the maximum you will be given a choice to select a particular specialization which will improve the character traits and skills.

Different characters will have different Specialization but remember once you select a specialization you won’t be able to change it so choose it carefully otherwise you might regret your decision later. also note the guide does not contain every skills and it is being updated.

Basic Skills Specialization
  • Acrobatics – Unlocks flying strike attack and makes climbing and dodging quicker and it cost less stamina.  it is available with Played Sports Traits.
  • Backpacking – Increases the capacity to carry weight. it is available with Baseball Fan, Had A Paper Route trait.
  • Marathon – Sprinting costs less stamina and fatigue builds up slowly. it is available with Baseball Fan, Had A Paper Route and Played Sports traits.
  • Powerhouse – Unlocks Drop Kick and makes Melee attacks, Finishers and Grappling cost less stamina. it is available with Exterminator trait.
  • Endurance – Unlocks Slam Attack and increases max health also Trauma occurs more slowly. it is available with Hard Hitter Trait.
  • Close Combat – Unlocks Shove Attack and reduces the stamina cost for melee attacks also melee attacks are more effective. it is available with Expert Traveler trait.
  • Sword Play – Unlocks Leg Sweep Attack and increases the damage of blade weapons. it is available with Blade Collector trait.
  • Striking – Unlocks Grand Slam Attack and increases knockdown with blunt weapons. it is available with Heavy Hitter trait.
  • Assault –  Unlocks Kick attack while aiming and Reduces recoil of the weapon.
  • Sharpshooting – increases the Bullet Penetration and Aim of the weapon. it is available with the decent shot trait.
  • Weapon Handling – improves the weapon durability and make the jamming of weapons occurs slowly.
  • Discipline – Increases weapon durability, stamina, and light handicap limit. it is available with Blade Collector, Expert Traveler, Pageant Wagoneer traits.
  • Resourcefulness – Increases the enemy detection and scouting range. it is available with Into Model Trains, Voyeur traits.
  • Scouting – increases the carrying capacity of the character. it is available with Blade Collector, Expert Traveler, Pageant Wagoneer.
  • Stealth – increases sneaky movements, reduce visibility to enemies and makes interaction quieter. it is available with Decent Shot, Heavy Hitter, Learned Chemistry traits.
Advanced Skills Specialization
  • Munitions – Unlocks Thermite, C4, Firesafe ammunition storage and more effective ammo
  • Pharmacology – Unlocks strong and more effective painkillers and also reduces the cost of curing Blood Plague.
  • Construction – Unlocks Storage facility mods, the ability to gather materials from unused parts and the Heavy Duty Storage.
  • Metalwork – Unlocks masterwork melee weapons and the ability to make different items from materials.
  • Agriculture – Unlocks new farming upgrades for increased food production
  • Herbalism – Unlocks new farming upgrades for increased medical production
  • Auto Mechanic – Unlocks new auto shop which can craft new upgrades for vehicles.
  • Engineering – Unlocks newly advanced muzzle attachments

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