State Of Decay 2 – Guide On All The Four Legacy Boon

State Of Decay 2

Developer Undead Labs And Publisher Microsoft Studios have released their new game titled State Of Decay 2. it is an action-adventure survival game and a sequel to the 2013 State Of Decay in the new game players need to survive the apocalypse and make a thriving community.

In State Of Decay 2, players will encounter a lot of different problems like hordes of zombies, infestation, and other threats. but if you have a legacy boon you can make your life much easier. below is a guide on different boons and how to get them.

Guide On How Legacy Boon In State Of Decay 2

When you appoint a leader for your community it comes with various traits, skills, and upgrades which effects the performance of the team.

These leaders also activate a questline like Builders, Sheriff, Traders, and Warlord which differs from character to character and depends on their characteristics. each questline requires players to complete certain missions and once you complete all of them you will be rewarded the leader’s legacy boon meaning if you played builder you will amenities and so on.

You can then use the Legacy boon for your next playthrough for each new game you can take up to two boons making your gameplay slightly different.

Amenities Legacy Boon provided by Builder  РThis legacy boon provides base wide power and water without any cost or threat which means no daily cost and no noise generation from machines which increase the threat around the base.

Charity Legacy Boon provided by Sheriff – This legacy boon gives you a perk due which you will receive high-quality loot once per day this would help you manage resources and supplies easily.

Favors Legacy Boon provided by Traders – This Legacy boon gives you a friendly trader and 4000 influence points when you make your first base. this would be useful in collecting resources and earning influence fast.

Mobilization Legacy Boon provided by Warlord – This legacy boon gives a giant pile of guns, ammo, and grenades when you make your first base. this would come handy if your planning to make a base in an area which has a high amount of zombies.

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