Dragon Ball Legends – How To Get Souls, Rising Souls And Super Souls

Dragon Ball Legends

Developer and Publisher Bandai NAMCO Entertainment have released a new game titled Dragon Ball Legends. it is an action fighting game based on the popular Dragon Ball anime series where players can select any character and fight other characters.

In the game, players will encounter a lot of different mechanics and features which they need to learn and master. one of those many mechanics is the souls which can upgrade a character. below you find a guide on different types of souls and how to earn them.

How To Get Souls, Rising Souls And Super Souls In Dragon Ball Legends

The new Dragon Ball game has small RPG elements to it you can level up/class up any character when they reach a certain level by using soul boost on them.

When a soul boost is spent on a character it increases various traits of it like health, attack, defense, ki moves and more. the best part of this upgrading features is that you can upgrade any particular trait you want. like you can increase just attack to deal more damage or just defense to be tanky.

In the game, you will find two kinds of souls one are called the Rising Soul and another is called the Super soul. both types of souls appear in Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue and also in different tiers like tier 1, 2 and 3.

The Rising Soul is used to unlock boost panels and in class-up and the Super souls is used to raise a character to the next level.

Earn Souls – To just collect souls you can play the story mode which will give you a decent amount of souls, you can also repeat the chapters if you want to farm more souls. if you get bored with the story mode you can play the PvP mode and earn medals. these medals can be used in exchange shop to get souls.

Earn Rising Souls – If you want to earn Rising Souls just play any chapters you want in the story mode. to earn higher tier rising souls unlock and play Book 4 “The Saiyan’s Teacher” story, all the chapters and higher.

Earn Super Souls – if you want to earn Super Souls just play complete the Book 3 Raditz’s Revenge in story mode and then start book 4 to earn the Super Souls.

Once you have the souls go to Characters and click Soul Boost then select any one who you want to level up and then select any trait you want to upgrade. this way you can build your own custom characters.

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