State Of Decay 2 – Guide On How To Repair Melee Weapons And Guns

State of decay 2

Developer Undead Labs And Publisher Microsoft Studios have released their new game titled State Of Decay 2. it is an action-adventure survival game and a sequel to the 2013 State Of Decay in the new game players need to survive the apocalypse and make a thriving community.

In State Of Decay 2, players will encounter a lot of different problems like hordes of zombies, infestation, lack of resources and other threats. one of the many problems players will face in the constant break down of weapons. below you will find a guide on how to repair them.

Guide On How To Repair Melee Weapons And Guns In State Of Decay 2

Your weapons are going to be your best friends in the game. you will find different kinds of weapons like baseball, machete, rifles, handguns and more. these weapons will save you when you are being attacked by hordes of different zombies.

The only problem is that all the different weapons have limited durability and after some use, it breaks down and you won’t be able to further use it which can become a big problem when you are fighting the zombies.

So to keep your weapons in top condition you need to constantly monitor its durability. you can keep using a weapon until it breaks and when that happens you will get a notification in the bottom right corner of the screen.

In order to repair your weapons, you will have to build a workshop/work area in your main base camp. once you build the workshop approach the supply locker and press the interactive key. then select the damaged weapon and place it in the supply locker.

Once the above steps are done you will be able to see what necessary parts and how many of them are required to repair it. if you have the required parts then you can press the repair button and it will be fixed instantly but if you don’t have them then you need to search for them.

You can collect repairing parts by searching for them throughout your gameplay. you can also get them by salvaging different weapons or other items.

Tips – it is recommended that you collect plenty of different weapons. whenever a common weapon breaks down just throw it away as it will cost precious resources. you should only repair weapons which are rare to get by.

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