Dragon Ball Legends – Guide On How To Fix Error Code CR900501

Dragon Ball Legends

Developer and Publisher Bandai NAMCO Entertainment have released a new game titled Dragon Ball Legends. it is an action fighting game based on the popular Dragon Ball anime series where players can select any character and fight other characters.

The game has been launched and the gameplay has been pretty smooth but there are some error and bugs which are causing problems. one such problem is the Error Code CR900501 which is stopping the app from launching. below is the guide on how to fix the error and run the game.

Guide On How To Fix Error Code CR900501 In Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon ball legends have been officially released around the world expect in some region but with the new, the release of the new game has also brought some unwanted bugs, glitches and error code which is affecting some of the players.

It is being reported that an error code CR900501 is appearing when users are trying to launch the game. this error typically appears when the user’s game version is different from server version which means you need to apply update it.

This issue should not appear as normally the apps when launched auto-updates itself or asks the user to update it through Google play but for some reason, Dragon Ball Legends is not doing it.

Google Play Users

Anyways you can solve this problem by manually updating the game. if you have downloaded the game from Google Play just follow the steps listed below.

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Search the Dragon Ball Legends App
  • Select the App and you will notice an update button, Click on it.
  • Once it finishes downloading and installing the update, just launches the game

APK File Users

If you have the downloaded the APK file of the game then, it going to be different. first, you can try to Update the game using following the above-listed steps for google play users. but there is a chance that it might not work.

Be warned as the update from google play might force you to download a complete updated version but it will remove your save file.

If you do not find the update from the play store then you will have to remove the whole game and download an updated APK version of the game, then install again and play from the beginning.


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