Battle For Wesnoth – List Of Console Commands/Cheats

Battle For Wesnoth

Developer The Battle for Wesnoth Project and Publisher Wesnoth Inc. recently released their new game titled Battle For Wesnoth. it is an indie free to play turn-based strategy game where players play as a young prince who has vowed to take revenge against the evil force who has captured his home.

In the game, players need to collect resources, build an army, explore the new area and do much more. you can do this all by yourself or you can use the console commands/cheats to make your life a bit easier. below you find some useful commands for your gameplay.

List Of All Console Commands/Cheats In Battle For Wesnoth

You can access the command mode by pressing Shift + : (:=colon) in single-player mode. if this does not appear you need enable the console command. first, go to games properties from steam > General tab > Set Launch Options. there type -console and launch the game again.

The Debug Commands are more advanced than regular commands which can change gameplay elements like army, resources and more. to activate the debug commands so bring out the command console by pressing Shift +: and after that, you need to type debug. this will enable the advanced command mode.

Console Commands

  • :lua statement – execute a Lua statement
  • :nodebug – disables the debug-mode commands
  • :n/next_level – this command will skip to the next scenario by activating a win
  • :cl/choose_level – this will give you a menu which allows you to directly move into a specific scenario.
  • :create unit_type this command will create any unit type
  • :discover/undiscoverShow –  this command will show the all hidden unit descriptions in the game or hide them.
  • :fog – this command will toggles the fog on or off
  • :gold amount – this command will add gold to the current player
  • :inspect – this will show and inspector menu showing all the variable info, team info, ai info.
  • :shroud – this command will toggles the shroud on or off
  • :set_var attribute=value – this command will give a WML variable to a given value
  • :show_var attribute – this will show a menu with the content of the variable
  • :show_coordinates (or :sc) –  this command will show and overlay of x,y coordinates on map tiles.
  • :show_terrain_codes (or :tc) – this command will show and overlay of the terrain codes on visible map tiles.
  • :throw/fire event_name – this command will throw an event by name you specify.
  • :turn [number] – this commands will change the current turn to your input specified number. If there is no number the turn number will be increased by one
  • :turn_limit [number] – this commands will change the turn limit for the current scenario to your specified number. If there is no number, the turn limit will be switched off
  • :unit advances=N – this command will level up the selected unit N times
  • :unit attribute=value – this command will set a selected unit attribute to a value
  • :unit hitpoints=amountedit the units hitpoints
  • unit experience=amount – edit the units experience
  • :unit status=petrified,-slow – this command sets or unsets statuses on a selected unit. use – in front of the status to unset.
  • :unit invulnerable=yesthis command makes the selected unit invulnerable

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