Destiny 2 – Guide On Nascent Dawn 2/5 And How To Get Braytech RWP Scout Rifle

Destiny 2

Publisher Activision and Developer Bungie have released a new DLC campaign for their game Destiny 2 Warmind and with it comes tons of new mission, challenges, bounties and of course the opportunity to unlock special weapons and items.

In the Destiny 2 new DLC, players can take part in various new events like Raid Liar, Escalation Protocol and more. one of the events is the Nascent Dawn 2/5 and if you complete it you will get the new Braytech RWP Mk.2 legendary scout rifle weapon. below you will find a guide on how to do it.

Guide On Nascent Dawn 2/5 And How To Get Braytech RWP In Destiny 2

The Nascent Dawn is one of the many missions which players can play in the new update. different Nascent Dawn mission becomes available after every week’s reset.

This week players will receive the Nascent Dawn 2/5 which consists of different parts and you can activate it by visiting Anna Bray once you have completed the story campaign. now as this is a weekly event it’s going to be quite difficult.

To begin your mission first enter the game and look for the Nascent Dawn mission in the milestones. then just go to Mars and activate it by interacting with Anna Bray. once the mission is to activate it will give you a series of difficult task.

The First Task, Get 25 Javelin Kills – to complete this task enter into the Escape Protocol public event. there you need to use the Rasputin Armory Code on the hatch like structure on the ground and get the Valkyrie. after this, you need to execute the subroutine and you will get the Javelin.

Now you need to use the Javelin to get 25 kills which can be difficult but it all depends on your skill, its recommended to carry at least 2-3 Armory Code.

The second task, complete the Heroic Adventure – this is the most tedious part of the Nascent Dawn as it will appear only appear outside Anna’s building if you have completed all other standard adventures present on Mars.

Once you complete all the standard adventures head to lobby of Braytech and use the big sword and complete the heroic adventure.

The Third Task, Get Sleeper node – thankfully this sleeper node is not difficult to find, unlike others. all you need to do is head northeast from the Glacial Drift towards the Ma’adim Subterrane lost sector. there you will notice a long stone bridge cross and you will find it in a small chamber.

Reward – Braytech RWP Mk.2 legendary scout rifle

With the three task completed now, you need to return to Anna Bray and she will give you a Braytech RWP Mk.2, a legendary scout rifle.

it comes with has a High Impact intrinsic perk which makes the aim more accurate. the small bore trait increases the damage and range. the zen moment trait lets you gain increased stability for a short period if you hit a target continuously and finally the triple tap trait which will return 1 round to magazine for landing precision hit.

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