State Of Decay 2 – Guide On How To Refuel And Repair Vehicles

State of decay 2

Developer Undead Labs And Publisher Microsoft Studios have released their new game titled State Of Decay 2. it is an action-adventure survival game and a sequel to the 2013 State Of Decay in the new game players need to survive the apocalypse and make a thriving community.

In State Of Decay 2, players need to collect different resources, build a community, and fight the zombie apocalypse. to make your life a bit easier in the game you can get a car but it also has some small mechanics to it. below you will find a guide on how to get a car, repair and refuel it.

Guide On How To Refuel And Repair Vehicles In State Of Decay 2

The world of State of Decay 2 is a massive open world with lots of resources scattered around and lots of new things to explore.

You can roam around anywhere on foot but it would be very slow and also quite dangerous for you as you will encounter the zombies every now and then. so to make your life easier you should get a car as not only it is fast but also a lot safer than walking on foot in an open area.

How To Get A Car – You won’t get a car from the beginning of the game, you need to get it for yourself. to get a car open up your map and look for any car icons. if you find one then just go to that location and get the car.

But If you don’t find it just go to the nearest lookout point and climb it and then uncover all of the question marks that appear on your map. this way you might find a car.

Refuel A Car – unlike other survival games in State of Decay 2, you won’t get unlimited fuel in your car in which you can drive around. the cars will have a fuel meter which you need to constantly monitor as you don’t want to run into a zombie hotspot and run out of fuel and become their food.

To Refuel a car you need a gas can which can be found at any gas station or garage. once you get the gas can stand at the rear of the vehicle where the fuel hole is and just press the interactive key. it is always better to have an extra can of gas in your inventory in case of emergency.

Repair A Car – just like the real world, your vehicle is going to need maintenance which you do with the help of the repair kits. you can get them at any gas station or garage.

To repair the car you need to stand at the front of the vehicles and then use the interactive key to repair it. many of the players repair the car with just a little damage which is a total waste of the repair kit.

So remember to not waste kits by repairing the vehicles too early. you can repair your vehicle completely even if it blows up and the contents of the car trunk will remain perfectly safe.

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