Conan Exiles – Guide On How To Capture Thralls And Heal Them

Conan Exiles

Developer and Publisher Funcom has recently fully released their game titled Conan Exiles. it is an open world survival game where players craft weapons, armor, tools, and build base to survive the barbaric world.

In Conan Exiles, players need to do a lot of things like collect resources, build a base, craft weapons, armor and more. to make your life a bit easier in the barbaric world you can tame the Thralls which can perform any task you want. below is a guide on how you can capture, tame and heal them.

Guide On How To Capture Thralls In Conan Exiles

The Thralls are one of the creatures you tame in the game. you can basically tame any number of Thralls and then use them to defend your base, attack others and do other tasks.

These NPCs can also have various specializations like alchemist, archer, cook, priest, taskmaster tanner and more. furthermore, they can have four different levels which will affect their efficiency and quality of the work they are doing.

To tame a Thrall first, you need to find them nearby in small camps, once you find them, capture them by knocking them out with the help of Truncheon, after knocking them out drag them back to your base by binding them with Fiber Bindings.

Once you reach the base put the thrall on the Wheel of Pain to break them but make sure that you don’t kill them. you should place some Gruel on hand so that they don’t starve. You can place up to four thralls in a basic Wheel of Pain and to speed up the taming process you can assign a Taskmaster to it.

Healing The Thralls

Once you have tamed a thrall now you need to heal them so there are ready for any command you give them.

Passive healing – the Thralls will get injured due to the torture on the Wheel Of Pain but once they become your slave they will heal over the time to full health automatically.

Using Dancers – Place a Dancer/Musician Entertainer thrall near an injured thrall and they will get healed by the aura.

Food/Health Potions – you can use a healing potion or put foods in the thrall’s inventory which they will use and heal them over time.

Bugs With Thralls And Healing

Currently, the Thralls have a lot of bugs an glitch issues in the game. sometimes they do not get healed by passive healing, and sometimes even the dancers and the health potions are not working on them.

The devs know about this issue and are currently working on them so if you’re having some buggy issues then all you can do is wait for a patch fix.

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