Infectonator 3: Apocalypse – Tips And Tricks To Dominate

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse

Developer Toge Productions Publisher Armor Games Studios recently released their new latest game titled Infectonator 3: Apocalypse. it is an indie simulation and startegy game where players need to spread the virus all across the globe.

In Infectonator 3: Apocalypse players need to build their zombie army, collect resources, spread infection, unlock and upgrade the zombies and do more. there are a lot of things players need to learn so below you will find some tips and trick to make your playthrough a little bit easier.

Tips And Tricks To Dominate In Infectonator 3: Apocalypse

Increase Infection – Infection level around the map would be the key to dominate the city and its retaliation so always try to increase the infection level and spread it around. once you Infect any Areas in the World it will generate Basic Zombies. the infection level of any Area also affects the Zombie generation.

Aim Research facility – When you start infecting a city you should find the quickest way to get to the research facility and destroy them completely

Rush For Boss Kills – Always aim to kill the boss as soon as you can because it gets stronger and harder as the time goes by.

Increase Infection Rate By Killing Boss – Every Continent has its own Boss and if you kill them first you will get double the Infection Rate which will reduce the number of levels required to destroy a research facility.

Clear The Map – Try to clear every part of all the levels as you will get 4 Random Items which can either be gold, zombies and other items for clearing a single level.

Get More Time – To Get more time in the game you should infect little bit of everything around the world. if you infect one specific spot completely it will speed up the panic rate.

Effective Consumables – Use the consumable resources effectively they will be necessary for maintaining the infection level. you can always use 1-3 items per map against the Z.I.T units and still make enough money for Research.

Manage Resources – Be careful while spending resources otherwise you will lose everything.

Manage Research Points – Every Zombie has different characteristics so be careful while spending research point on them. some zombies do not infect and some cannot even attack citizens and research won’t change it either.

Better Zombies – To spread the infection fast you need to target citizens and you can only infect citizen if the zombies are tanky and fast and are able to catch up with them. so get the Lifespan and Speed for them.

Establish both Offense and Defense – When the city defense comes out you can no longer blindly go on infecting people. you will need to form some defense and also attack at the same time.

Upgrade Your Basic Zombies – The majority of the zombies present on the map will be the basic standard zombies so always focus on leveling them up first and then move on to the unique ability of zombies.

Keep Improving By Researching – Get higher research stats for your zombie as the Base-Stat Enhancements can turn the tide of the battle in your favor from the very beginning.

Useful Upgrades – Some of The best DNA skills in the game are Hyper Salivation for increasing infection rate, Hyper Mutagenic for increasing Mutation chance, Adrenaline rush to increase speed, Sharper Eyesight for increasing zombie sight and Gold Digger for more gold per kill.

Mutation On The Map – Mutation chance on the map is based on your DNA Configuration and the type of zombies you have received. if the zombies are not good just don’t skill it on them as it will be a total waste. but if you have no other choice then just Reshuffle.

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