Lake Ridden – Location And Solution Of All the Nine Puzzle Boxes

Lake Ridden

Developer and Publisher Midnight Hub recently released their new latest game titled Lake Ridden. it is an indie first-person adventure puzzle solving game where the players enter a supernatural journey trying to find their sister.

In Lake Ridden, players will have to solve many different puzzles some are easy and some are really complex. one type of puzzles in the game are the Puzzle Boxes. below you will find the location and solutions of all the nine boxes.

Location Of All the Nine Puzzle Boxes In Lake Ridden

In the game players can find puzzle boxes which can only be opened by solving the puzzle. there are a total of nine such boxes and each of them unlock one achievement.

All the puzzle listed below appear in chronologically order and have some minor spoilers in it. so if you don’t want to ruin your playthrough now is the time to turnback.

Chapter: The Lower Garden – in this chapter you need to first go the section of the area which has an entrance with a semicircular structure over it. when you find that area, enter it stick to left and you will arrive in another section with a glowing lamp. there you will find the puzzle box.

Chapter: The Upper Garden – in this chapter after meeting Nora for the first time. enter the garden and go left inside the hole. once there you will notice a ladder. climb it and you will reach a small cabin. there you will find the second puzzle box.

Chapter: The Attic – in the attic go and search for the projector behind it you will find a secret passage which is being blocked by a small moveable box. enter the secret area and you will find the third puzzle box.

Chapters: between The Attic and The Root Cellar – go to the lake and you will notice a small broken red cabin behind the burned laundry. enter the cabin and you will find the fourth puzzle box.

Chapter: The Laundry – go to the small school located in this chapter. once there enter it and search for the puzzle box beside one of the wooden chair.

Chapter: The Laundry – in this chapter enter the laundary and you will notice a ladder going down on the right side. take it and you will arrive in a new section and there you will find the sixth puzzle box.

Chapters: somewhere between the end The Laundry or the beginning of The Basement – go to the master’s bed room and look for the box in puzzle box in front of the fireplace.

Chapter: The Basement – in this chapter enter the basement through the master’s bedroom. once you enter the basement go down and you will notice a small entrance. enter it and you will find the eighth puzzle box.

Chapter: The Island – in this chapter first go to the stone circle structure and from there head east. by heading east you will arrive at a small cabin. enter it and you will find the final ninth puzzle box.

Solution For All The Puzzle Boxes

To open the Puzzle Boxes you will need to solve the puzzle on top of it. if you are having trouble solving them and are just stuck. then follow the link below. the solution has been written by Steam User Hanni.

Solution To All Nine Puzzles.

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