Destiny 2 Warmind – Guide On How To Farm Resonate Stems Fast

Destiny 2 Warmind

Publisher Activision and Developer Bungie have released a new DLC campaign for their game Destiny 2 Warmind and with it comes tons of new challenges, mission, bounties and of course the opportunity to unlock special weapons and items.

In the new DLC, players can now get new items which will help them unlock new chests and other unlockables. one of the items which players can get in the game is called Resonate Stems. below you will find a guide on how to farm it quickly.

Guide On How To Farm Resonate Stems Fast In Destiny 2 Warmind

The resonate stems are one of the many items players and can farm and will need them to create override frequencies keys which can help you open sleeper nodes.

There are a total of forty nodes in the game and each node consists of four stems which would mean you will have to farm a total of 120 Resonate stems to fully unlock the sleeper nodes. this will take a lot of time and grind. so below you will find some method which will speed up the process.

Core Terminus – to farm the resonate stems go to the Core Terminus, Hellas Basin in Lost Sector. there you will find many small enemies along with a big boss enemy. all you have to do is just kill the boss, you don’t even need to bother about the small enemies.

Once you kill the Boss open the chest and you will get the Resonate stem. now on the left side of the chest, you will find a door open. use it to exit the Core Terminus. follow the path until you see BrayTech Futurescape pop up on your screen. once it does return to the chest area and you will find every chest reset.

If the area does not reset just fast travel to the Braytech Futurescape from the Map and it would reset the area. keep repeating this method to farm the resonate stems.

Ma’adim Subterrane – here also you need to repeat the method detailed above. just go to the Ma’adim Subterrane and kill the boss, don’t waste time killing the smaller enemies. once you have killed the boss. take the resonate stem from the chest and then exit the cave by using the path on the left side of the chest.

Follow the path on the left until you reach the Glacial Drift area and keep moving until you reach the end of the cave. once you out return to the cave and the whole area would reset. repeat this method to farm the stems.

Search For the Chests – the final method is not reliable but if you are bored of the above two methods you can use this one. here all you need to do is play public events or just roam around in search of the chests. if you are lucky you will find plenty of them or just a few.

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