30 Seconds To Jail – Guide On How To Get All Endings

30 Seconds To Jail

Developer Egor Magurin and Publisher Indovers Studio recently released their new game titled 30 Seconds To Jail. it is an indie casual puzzle game where players play as a dude who has plenty of drugs and needs to get rid of it in 30 seconds before he gets caught and thrown in the jail.

In 30 Seconds To Jail, players can make any decision they like but if their decision doesn’t help the guy then you will basically fail. so below you will find a guide on how to get all the endings present in the game.

Guide On How To Get All Endings In 30 Seconds To Jail

To gain achievements in the game players need to get all the endings. each ending needs to be completed by performing a certain task.

There are a total of 13 different endings and you need to complete each of them in 30 seconds. some are easy to execute and some are a bit heavy on time so be quick.

Assassin – look for hints on the sheet located in the bedroom and you will notice some blurred pixel under it, the code is 720602. when the cops arrive and knock on your door dial that number.

Bird – Pick up the drug and open the window. then interact with the black bag and give the drug to the bird.

Cop – Pick up the key from under the doormat then go to the bedroom and use the key to open the locked drawer. get the suit and use it and finally open the door.

Dog – Use your drug as dog food and then feed it to the dog.

Flower – Go to the bedroom and throw your drug into the trash can which is just beside the drawer.

Garbage – Go to the kitchen and throw your drug into the trash can.

Jail – Open the door for the stranger and pick up the drug then wait until the time runs out.

Bob Marley – Find all five candles in the house, then proceed to place them in shape of a star. use the lighter and light them up. then go to the bedroom and get the Bible from the drawer. after that place the Bible in between the lower side of the star. then answer the door and get the drug and put it on the right lower side of the star. finally, use the knife and cut.

Recipe – get the lighter from the bedroom, get water from the Kitchen, then get the vital acid from the bathroom, then get the red liquid from the bedroom, then get the blue liquid from the drawer which is located in the Bedroom. finally put all the ingredient in the pot located in the kitchen in the following sequence water, acid, blue liquid and red liquid. then put the drug in it and use the lighter.

Runaway – Pick up the drug and open the window on the left side of the house. then get out and just run.

Suicide – Pick up the knife in the kitchen and select the knife. then interact with it three times.

Stranger – Do nothing when the stranger is knocking at your door.

Surrender – Don’t pick up the drug and open the door and the cops will get you.

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