Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire – List Of Console Commands

Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Developer Obsidian Entertainment and Publisher Versus Evil, Obsidian Entertainment have released their new latest game titled Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire. it is action RPG game where players pursue a rogue over the land and sea.

In Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire, players can recruit many different characters as their companions, recruit crew members for their ship, get new pets and upgrade your character to become a godlike being. you can do all this in your normal playthrough or you can spice up your gameplay using the console command listed below.

List Of Console Commands In Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire

To use the cheat first log into the game and press the default console key “`/~”. this should bring out the console but if the console doesn’t pop up you will need to enable it manually.

To do this go to the steam library and right click on Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire and then click on properties, this will bring out a new window. on the new window go to the general tab and click on the “Set Launch Options” and type “-console”, then press ok. launch the game again from the steam library and while in game press the “`/~” and the console will come out.

Console Commands

  • Iroll20s – this would allow you to use the console command and also disable the achievements.
  • ActivateStronghold – this command allows you access to the stronghold.
  • Addexperience –  this command adds Experience points. the syntax is AddExperience_amount.
  • AddExperienceToLevel – this command adds experience points to reach the next level. the syntax is AddExperienceToLevel_amount.
  • AddItem – this command will allow you to add any item to the game to your inventory. the syntax is AddItem_amount_itemname.
  • AdjustPrestige – this command allows you to increase or decrease the stronghold prestige. the syntax is AdjustPrestige_amount.
  • AdjustSecurity – this command allows you to increase or decrease the stronghold security. the syntax is AdjustSecurity_amount.
  • Areatransition – allows you to teleport from one area to another. the syntax is Areatransition_areaname_startingpoint. the starting point can be anything like North1, North2, South1, South2, West1, West2, East1, East2.
  • CraftingDebug – this command will add a high amount of crafting items to your stash.
  • Difficulty – Changes the difficulty to the selected level. 0 = easy, 1 = normal, 2 = hard, 3 = PathOfTheDamned. the syntax would be Difficulty_number.
  • FindGameData Example_Search – this allows you to view the details of whatever item you type in. it does not matter if you have the item or not. the syntax for the command is type_slot_attribute.
  • FreeRecipesToggle – this command will allow you craft without having the ingredients.
  • GivePlayerMoney – this command adds money. the syntax is GivePlayerMoney_amount.
  • God – enables the God Mode.
  • HealParty – restores all the health and endurance of the all the party members.
  • Invisible – Makes the party invisible.
  • Kill – Kills a certain NPC. the syntax is Kill_name
  • NoDamage – make the party immune to damage. the syntax is NoDamage 1 for activating and NoDamage 0 for deactivating.
  • NoFog – Removes the Fog of War making everything visible.
  • Rest – gives rest no matter where you are and what supplies you have.
  • SetTime – Advances the game time. while changing the time remember the numbers are in milihours. for example to set time at 10 AM the syntax is SetTime 1000.
  • StrongholdBuildAll – builds all the structural buildings in the stronghold.
  • StrongholdBuild – allows you to build any structural building of your choice. the syntax is StrongholdBuild_building name.
  • StrongholdDestroy – allows you to destroy any structural building of your choice. the syntax is StrongholdDestroy_building name.
  • ToggleSpellLimit – Removes all the cooldowns and per counter limits from spells.
  • UnlockAll – Unlocks all the containers in the area you are present.
  • UnlockAllMaps – Unlocks all the areas present on the World Map
  • Unlock Bestiary – unlocks all the bestiary entries.
Stronghold Event-Related Commands
  • StrongholdForceAdventure – Starts random Stronghold adventure from a selected category. the syntax is StrongholdForceAdventure_adventure. the adventure name can be Minor, Average, Major, Grand, Legendary.
  • StrongholdForceBadVisitor – Starts a random bad visitor event in the stronghold.
  • StrongholdForcePayHirelings – Starts a random Pay Hirelings event in the stronghold.
  • StrongholdForcePrisonBreak – starts a random Prison Break event in the stronghold. can only be started if you have imprisoned a character.
  • StrongholdForceSpawnIngredients – spawns ingredients in Stronghold’s Curio Shop. it does not matter if the shop has been built or not.
  • StrongholdForceVisitor – forces a certain visitor event to start in the stronghold. the syntax is StrongholdForceVisitor_number
  • StrongholdForceAttack – forces a certain attack event to start in the stronghold. the syntax is StrongholdForceAttack_number.
Bonus Pet Commands
  • Cosmic Dog – it gives you a comet and adds 1 might to your character and the party members gain a bonus deflection against enemy weapon attacks.
  • Cosmic Bird – It gives you an Orbit and adds 1 perception to your character and the party members gain a bonus movement speed.
  • Cosmic Cat – it gives you a Luna and adds 1 dexterity to your character and the party members gain a chance to convert enemy attacks to graze.
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