Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Guide On What Histories To Choose

Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Developer Obsidian Entertainment and Publisher Versus Evil, Obsidian Entertainment have released their new latest game titled Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire. it is action RPG game where players pursue a rogue over the land and sea.

In Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire, players can recruit many different characters as their companions, get different types of pets for the party and also recruit crew members for their ship. but all these fun stuff come after you have selected a history if you are confused on what to choose then follow the guide below.

Guide On What Histories To Choose In Pillars Of Eternity 2: Deadfire

The game lets the player decide what they want to do with their extraordinary powers. every decision they make will affect the playthrough and outcome of the story. to make things more refined the game lets players select Histories, by selecting one histories they pledge an allegiance with a certain story, traits, skills and more.

Players who have previously played any POE games would know what to select but if you are new to the franchise then you may be wondering how to decide certain histories. don’t worry you will find all about them below.

There are a total of six histories in the game, each of them has separate backstories and allegiance associated with them.

Benevolent Soul

As the name suggests you will be the kindest and most warm-hearted person in the POE world. if you are one of the gamers who like to be the good guy, save citizens, spare enemies life then this path is for you.

Fair And Balanced

This will make you choose between the good decision and the best decision. if you like playing the good guy but also believe in the righteous judgment against the wicked then this path is for you.

Survival Of The Fittest

This is one of the brutal histories which will make you abandon people who are weak and only form a party with strong allies. if you believe in the law of the Survival Of The Fittest then this path is for you.

Dark Times

By choosing this you have decided to kill everything which comes in your path regardless of whether they are evil or innocent. if you want to go on a rampage in the game then this path is for you.

Keeper Of Secrets

Your secrets are everything to you and you won’t care if an innocent gets trampled in the way of your secrecy. if you don’t care much about killing but also don’t care about the lives of the commoners then this path is for you.

Everything Bad

This is the worst histories and focuses on everything bad. you will kill everyone even your allies and even fail your quests. if you want to have a really different experience of the playthrough then you can take this path but be warned if you are new to the franchise it would make your life difficult.

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