Wolf Tails – Guide On How To Get All The Endings/WalkThrough

Wolf Tails

Developer and Publisher Razzart Visual recently released their new game titled Wolf Tails. it is an indie casual novel visual game where players find themselves interacting with two wolf girls who are opposite to each other.

In the game, players can make different decisions which will affect the story of the game. there are multiple endings so below you will find a walkthrough and the options to choose to get your desired ending.

Guide On How To Get All The Endings/Routes In Wolf Tails

Just like most Visual Novel game Wolf Tails also comes with several endings but unlike other games, most of your choices won’t affect the story direction until you reach a certain part of the game. so feel free to choose any dialogues.

The game comes with 4 endings two good endings and two bad endings. below you will find all the choice with the details on what decision is going to affect your story.

The walkthrough will have Choose Any Option which means it won’t affect your decision and Story Changing Option which means it will affect your decision.

Miari And Fuyu Good Endings And Bad Endings

Choose Any Option

  • “You’re just Hungry.”
  • She seriously doesn’t know how to use a fork?

Choose Any Option

  • Inquire further
  • Leave the matter alone

Choose Any Option

  • Stop her by force
  • Call out to her

Choose Any Option

  • “It’s better than my cooking”
  • “It’s not bad”

Choose Any Option

  • Yes
  • Not particularly

Story-Changing Option – Choosing the first option will be bad for the Wolfgirls and you get the First Bad Endings. choosing the second option will progress the story.

  • They’ll be fine
  • I’d better go find them

Choose Any Option

  • Take a nap
  • “I’m suspicious”

Choose Any Option

  • “You fell asleep while we were snuggling”
  • Explain properly

Choose Any Option

  • Talk to Mirari about the city
  • Keep watching

Story-Changing Option – Choosing the first option will take you to Miari Route. choosing the second option will take you to Fuyu route.

  • Comfort Mirari
  • Follow Fuyu

On Miari Route you will get the following dialogues, choose any one

  • “I understand that feeling”
  • “That must have been hard for you”

On Fuyu Route, you will get the following dialogues, choose any one

  • “I won’t do that”
  • Change the subject

Choose Any Option

  • Start cleaning
  • Pretend to fight the vacuum cleaner

Story-Changing Option – if you choose the first option you will get the second bad ending. if you choose the second option you will get Good Ending.

  • Let Mirari go
  • Tell the girls to wait

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