Shoppe Keep 2 – Tips And Tricks For Beginners To Scale Their Business

Shoppe Keep 2

Developer Strange Fire and Publisher Excalibur Games have released their new latest game titled Shoppe Keep 2. it is an indie simulation game where players build a business empire from scratch, fight mobs and dangerous monsters.

In Shoppe Keep 2 there are many things players need to take care of to build their shop business. there are different small and big mechanics in the game which can affect your gameplay. so below you will find some basic tips and trick which will help you in your playthrough.

Tips And Tricks For Beginners To Scale Their Business In Shoppe Keep 2

The new Shoppe Keep game has arrived and has brought many new content, feature and more. just like the previous game players will have to sell items and upgrade stuff to make more profit and make their business bigger.

The game is easy to play but still, there are some mechanics and other stuff which can easily get confusing for even experienced players.

Getting Started – At the beginning of the game, you should visit the Furniture Vendor and get some pedestal. for starting business 5 pedestals should be enough. Get some water bottles from the Local Vendor which you will sell at the early stage of your playthrough.

Equipment You Need – Now you need to get some important equipment which will help you run the shop. get the broom to fix the floor of the shop, get the hammer to fix the durability of the Pedestal and get the Rock On Stick to stop the thieves.

Start Selling – Place the Pedestal and on top of it place the water bottles and set the price. once you set the price open the shop by flipping the board outside the shop building. when the customers visit your shop always observe them as they will tell you their price range. these are hints which you can utilize to increase your sales.

Watch Out For Thieves – sometimes one of the customers will steal your items. when this happens you will receive a message in the chatbox which will inform you about a theft and the thief will start running. you can stop the thief by hitting them with your weapon. the will either drop the item or die.

Pay Taxes – when you make a profit you should always pay some amount of it to pay taxes in your Local Bank. the more tax you pay the faster will the town upgrade and this will give you access to more new items to sell.

Random Events – While progressing through the game you will encounter many random events which will affect your sales of an item. so to take advantage of it always keep checking the big notice board.

Complete Quests – you should always complete available quests as it unlocks more new options in the game. to get quests look for the characters with “!” symbol hovering over their head.

Upgrade the village – once you have paid enough taxes by selling items. check the board with village map and upgrade things you want.

Blacksmith –  there are many different things you can upgrade in your village but the one thing you should upgrade at all cost is the Blacksmith as you will need them for various purpose like creating crate and more.

Cookhouse – you should upgrade the cookhouse to get more new features. once you upgrade it you will find a seller with decoration, bots and more.

How To Open Closed Gate – To move out of the closed gate you will need to get Armor and a bow from the blacksmith and complete some quest from either from the blacksmith or the cookhouse. the outside area contains many different resources like rocks, fish and more. but be careful you will encounter many different threats like spiders, goats, and wolf.

Resource on land – you can cut trees, break rocks, and kill animals to get various resources.

Resouce in water – to start fishing you need to go south-west from the village and just before you reach west sail town you will find a fish vendor. interact with him to start fishing quests.

The Keeper – on the east side of the village you will find a narrow path which is getting bombarded by rocks. if you try to pass through it you will get killed but if you have enough armor you can pass through it without dying. once you pass the mountain go right and you will notice a cave get inside it you will find a secret vendor named The Keeper who sells some pretty interesting items.


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