God Of War 2018 – Guide To Location Of Glacial Catalyst

God Of War

Developer And Publisher Sony recently released their new latest game titled God Of War 2018. it is an action adventure game which is an eighth installment in the God Of War Series and the sequel to the GOW 3.

In God Of War 2018, players can collect new weapons, armor, talisman and upgrade them to boost their damage, defense or other stats. one of the many items which players can use to upgrade their equipment is called the Glacial Catalyst. below you will find a guide on how to get this resource.

Guide To Location Of Glacial Catalyst In God Of War 2018

Glacial Catalyst is one the many resources which you can collect in the game. this item is used to upgrade the Charm of Infinite Storms talismans which is one of the best items you can get.

But the Glacial Catalyst are limited and can be only found in very few places which makes it quite rare and valuable. so if you want to fully upgrade the Talisman you will need to get all the Catalyst piece present in the game.

There are a total of three Glacial Catalyst one of them can be found during the story playthrough and the rest two can be found by solving the Don’t Blink Treasure Map and Njord’s Oarmen.

Thamur’s Corpse 

Once you get the Magic Chisel you can open the secret Chambers. this particular chamber is located at the head of Thamur’s Corpse. go there and you will find a secret chamber, break it using the Magic chisel and enter it. inside you will find a huge iron gate which is locked by rune.

To open the gate you will need to break three seals. to break the first seal just turn around and look above and on the left side, you will see the seal. to break the second seal climb the armor of the giant which looks like a set of stair, then jump on to the ledge and look at the opposite side and you will find the second seal.

To break the third seal go to the edge of the platform where you found the second rune and drop to a lower ledge. once there look above and you will the third seal.

Don’t Blink Treasure Map

Treasure Map – You can find the treasure scroll in Midgard at Fafnir’s Storeroom. in the storeroom you will notice a pedestal with a dead body lying beside it. when you get near it Atreus will pick it up.

Treasure Solution – Now to solve the treasure map go to the southern part of the foothill region. climb to the highland, then clear the black breath using the Light Of Alfheim and exit the cave. when you exit the cave turn left and you will notice a black mound on the edge of the cliff. pick it up and you get the Glacial catalyst and some other rewards.

Njord’s Oarmen

Treasure Map – you can find the treasure scroll in Midgard and it is located in a place northwest of the Northri’s Stronghold. to get to Northri’s Stronghold you need to pass through the Ruins Of The Ancient. keep traveling on your boar until you see a Viking ship. there will be a dock near it, smash the hull and get inside you will find the treasure scroll near a dead body.

Treasure Solution – to get the treasure go to the Mason Channel Region, the place is located near a shore east of Light Elf Outpost and west from Council Of Valkyrie. once you reach the beach then proceed to climb the cliff and follow the cave path until you come across Sindri. from there take the right and you will reach a giant statue, near it you will find a small mound, get it and you will receive the Glacial Catalyst.

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