Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia Game Not Launching Fix, Black Screen Fix And More

Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia

Developer Creative Assembly and Publisher SEGA recently released their new latest game titled Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia. it is a strategic turn-based RTS game where players find themselves in a critical point of history where war is the only way to survive.

The game has just been released and has received mostly positive reviews on steam but as a new game, some players are facing technical issues like black screen, green screen, game not launching and more. below you will find the guide on how to fix all those issues.

Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia Game Not Launching Fix, Black Screen Fix, And More

Black Screen Fix

This is one of the visual issue reported by players is the Black Screen problem. to fix this start your game and you will only see the black screen. while in Black screen just press “ALT + Enter” and the game will enter Windowed mode. In Windowed Mode go to the settings and change monitor’s resolution to Native Resolution. this will fix the issue

Game Not Launching/ Launcher Not Working Fix

Some Players have reported that they are unable to launch the game which is quite common when a new game release. follow the steps below and it may fix your problem.

  • Get the latest GPU Driver for your graphics card
  • Install latest Direct X
  • Install latest Visual C++ Redistributable 2013, 2015, 2017 from Microsoft
  • Install KB4019990 update from Microsoft
  • Install Windows 7 Platform Update from Microsoft

While installing the above process your PC will restart several times. once you have installed everything listed above restart your PC again and Launch the game.

Green Screen Fix

Another visual issue is the flickering Green Screen appearing frequently in the game this is quite common among Nvidia Graphics card users. to fix this issue go to the Nvidia Control Panel, go to the display option and then to change the resolution.

There you need to select “Use Nvidia Color Setting” and select the “Highest (32-Bit)” option and click apply. this will fix the green screen issue.

MSVCP120.dll Is Missing

If you are having the MSVCP120.dll Is Missing, then you need to install both Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 and Visual C++ Redistributable 2015. remember to first install 2013 version and then 2015 version. otherwise, it won’t get installed and show error.

Game Not Running At 1440p

If your game is not running at 1440p and you are using the Nvidia GPU. then you need to go the Nvidia Control Panel and then to the “Adjust Desktop Size and Resolution”. there you need to select “Perform Scaling” option.

if you haven’t changed it before then it will be set selected for “GPU” by default. change it from GPU to the desktop resolution and it should fix it.

Low Fps Problem

Despite having decent gaming rig some players may face low fps and constant stuttering screen while running Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia. so there are two ways to fix this problem you can check both of them below

First Way – run the game and then open Task Manager and then go to the processes tab. there you need to look for the Totalwarsage.exe file. right click on it and then go to select priority and select any option above normal. finally, restart the game.

second way – if you are using Nvidia GPU, go to the Nvidia Control panel and select “Manage 3D settings” there click on the “Program Settings” tab and then select the game from the drop-down menu. then look for the V-sync option and select the Fast option and click apply.

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