It Lurks Below Cheat Gives Infinite Jumps, Ammo, No Damage And More

It Lurks Below

Developer and Publisher Graybeard Games recently released their new game titled It Lurks Below. it is an indie RPG survival game where players fight their way through different monster in an underground Dungeon.

The game has a retro-styled 2D animation which reminds classic game like Diablo and Hellgate. you can create a custom character and choose from many different classes each having special traits and skills. once you have your character you can go deep into the dark dungeon to reveal its mysteries.

The game offers randomly generated levels, random stats on different items, secret areas with loots, different bosses, a survival talent tree and three different play modes to keep you engaged.

The first cheat is a trainer file and it is available on CheatHappens. it offers twenty different cheat options like Reset Tired, Reset Hunger, Easy Craft and more. the file has been scanned and does not contain any Virus, adware, or malware.

Below is the list of cheat it can activate

  • No Damage
  • Reset Health
  • Reset Ammo
  • Set Level
  • Set Attack Power
  • Set Vitality
  • Set Intelligence
  • Set Wisdom
  • Set XP
  • Set Level Up Points
  • Set Survival Rank
  • Set Survival XP
  • Set Survival Points
  • Set Gold
  • Set Crystal Shards
  • Reset Tired
  • Reset Hunger
  • Easy Craft
  • Unlimited Jumps
  • Nightvision

It Lurks Below is currently available on PC via Steam for more information about the game you can visit the official website or the steam store page.

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