The Forest – Guide On How To Get The New Third Artifact

The Forest

Developer and Publisher Endnight Games Ltd have finally released the game titled The Forest. it is an open world horror survival game where players build their base from scratch and craft weapons and other items to survive.

Long time players of The Forest already know about the Two Artifact but with the latest version of the game players can now access the third new Artifact which can be acquired by little work. below you will find a guide on how to get it.

Guide On How To Get The New Third Artifact In The Forest

The Obelisk or the Artifact is a supernatural object which can be found in certain locations. different Artifacts have different abilities which can be quite usually during your playthrough.

There are already two known Artifact The Resurrection Obelisk which can resurrect dead people and The Power Obelisk which release EMP waves to bring down planes. but with the new update players can now easily get the new Third Artifact.

To get the new Artifact you will need two get an Artifact Key, A Gold Keycard both the key would have open important Door. but before you proceed to be warned there are spoilers in the guide below.

First, you need to play the story mode again even if you have completed it or else you just won’t get the items. when you at the final part of the game kill Megan when she is in her Boss Mutant state. after killing her you will find a Gold Sahara KeyCard.

After getting the Keycard go to activation station and look on the right you will find a computer with “Emergency Shutdown” on its monitor. activate it. this will cause the Artifact to shut down and Timmy will die.

Now on the opposite side of the computer, you will find a door open it by using the Sahara Gold Keycard and then use the elevator and it will bring you down to an underground cave. there you need to take a straight path use torch to watch your steps.

While going through the cave you will notice a rectangle shaped hole, don’t go there just remember the place as you need to come back here later.

Just go straight from there until you reach a rubble of rocks blocking the way. blow it up with some explosives and you will find the exit of the cave.

Once you exit the cave, head towards the beach where the Yacht is located. on the Yacht, you will once again use the Sahara Gold Keycard to open the door and inside it, you will find a small black Artifact on the bed.

Now enter the cave again and go the rectangle shaped hole, inside you will find a Giant Door and a Key Stand. use the Artifact on the Artifact Stand and the door will open. inside you will find The Third Artifact.

How To Use The New Artifact

The artifact can now be found in your inventory and you can equip it like other items. there are two functions of the Artifact, switching it to Red Mode will Attract the enemies and switching it Blue mode will Repel the Mutants.

You can place the artifact on the ground with “C” to attract all the enemies and kill them or set it up on your base to protect it.

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