Stardew Valley – Guide On How To Play The Multiplayer

Stardew Valley

Developer ConcernedApe and Publisher Chucklefish have released a new update for their popular game Stardew Valley. it is a simulation RPG game where players begin their digital life on a farm by making a new house, growing crops and more.

In the new update, the devs of the game have added the multiplayer mode but it is in beta phase so expect some bugs. if you want to try the new Multiplayer mode follow the guide below which has step by step instructions.

Guide On How To Play The Multiplayer In Stardew Valley

After a long wait, the game developer has finally introduced the multiplayer beta version in the new update and along with it, you will see plenty of new contents like new festivals, marry other players, customizations and more.

Each player will have its own base on a server where they can a build house, grow crops and host other players. but all these new exciting features are currently available only on PC versions of the game and may arrive later for consoles.

To join the Multiplayer Beta you will need to do some work. follow the steps listed below which will explain what you have to do.

  • First Launch Steam
  • Right click on Stardew Valley from Steam Library
  • Select the properties option and then select the beta tab
  • In the beta, tab and Enter the code “jumpingjunimos” and then click Check Code.
  • Click on the drop menu under “Select the beta you would like to opt in to”
  • Select the “beta — Help new test updates before they go live” option
  • Finally Press ok and let the game version update.
  • Once it is updated you can Launch The Game
How To Host Game For Other Players And Let Them Join

To Host a game, log into the game and then select settings. there you can make changes like friends-only, invite-only and more. if you want to play on LAN with your friends toggle the ‘Accept IP connections’ option this will allow players on your network to join the game.

If you have friends on steam who play Stardew, you can join them using the Co-op menu. you can also use the invite friend button to Invite them.

If you don’t have someone on your friend list you can still play with them all you need to do is go to the settings and use the “Show Invite Code” option and share it so the person can join the server.

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