Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – 4 Ways On How To Reset The Game

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Developer and Publisher Jam City, Inc. have finally released their new game titled Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. it is an action adventure game where players enroll as a student to Hogwarts, learn the art of Magic and also reveal new hidden mysteries behind Hogwarts.

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, players can do perform unbelievable magic but once you have begun your journey its hard to go back and change your decisions. so below you will find 4 ways on How you can Reset The Game.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – How To Reset The Whole Game

Once you have created an account, customize your character you will begin your adventure. but at some point in the game, you will have an uneasy feeling thinking what if you have chosen a different house, what if you have chosen a different wand. you will question your decisions and now you will want to begin from the scratch.

Well, the good thing about it is that you are not the only one in this dilemma but the bad news is that resetting the game is not simple.

There are many different things you need to take care of to reset the game. below you will find four methods to reset the game. remember every user is different some methods will work and some methods will not work.

Resetting With Facebook Method
  • First, open the Harry Potter: Hogwarts App
  • Open the Setting Menu by clicking on the gear located at the bottom left.
  • In the setting menu, select the account info, if your facebook is not connected then connect it.
  • Once connected, you will now need to log out of both the game and the Facebook account.
  • Then remove the game from your IOS or Android,
  • Clear your history, cache, and cookies from Google Play Store and your browser. this will clear every data of the game from your device.
  • Log into your Facebook account and then go to settings.
  • From Settings select the Apps And Website. a new screen will pop on the left. in this part look at the Active part and you will find Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery
  • Once you find the game check the box and select Remove. this will prompt a new window asking you if you want to delete every detail. click on Remove again. this will remove all the game data connected to Facebook.
  • Now both your smartphone and facebook account are clean. so go to the App store or Google Play Store and download the game.

You can now play the game from the beginning.

Overwriting The Save File With Facebook Method

For this method, you will need two smartphones. the first device being your primary phone and the second device being your secondary phone. you will need to start the game on the second smartphone, then save, then start the game on the first smartphone. this will overwrite the game. follow the steps listed below.

  • Download the game on the second device.
  • Log into the game.
  • Contact the game on the second smartphone to the Facebook account which is also connected to the first smartphone and game.
  • Then Exit the game.
  • Finally, load the game on your first smartphone with Facebook.
Resetting With Non-Facebook Method
  • Remove the Harry Potter: Hogwarts App from your IOS or Android from setting.
  • Clear your history, cache, and cookies from Google Play Store and your browser. this will clear every data of the game from your device.
  • Create A New User Profile for the Google Play Store
  • And Install the game.
Contact TinyCo For Reset Method

If None of the above methods helps you then you need to contact the Support Team. Follow the Link below.

Email Link For Reset – hphm-help@tinyco.com.

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