Frostpunk – Guide On How To Balance Discontent And Hope


Developer and Publisher 11 bit studios have released their new latest game titled Frostpunk. it is a survival city builder game where players are tasked to build the last city on Earth by managing both citizens and infrastructures.

In Frostpunk there are many things players need to take care of to make the city livable and help the citizens survive. to make sure that the game progress well players also need to monitor the Discontent and Hope among the citizens. so below you will find a guide on how to balance both of them in the game.

Tips On How To To Balance Discontent And Hope In Frostpunk

For surviving the deadly snow and cold players need to monitor and micromanage the citizens. you need to make sure that they are getting necessary things from the city to live another day. the buildings you construct, the law you pass, the food you give to them and all the other decisions will determine both their and your fate in the game.

So to maintain peace, law, and order among your citizens you will need to monitor two things. the Discontent bar and the Hope bar. if any of the bars reaches a critical level then it would mean game over for you.

Book Of Laws – you can create new laws in the city which will affect your citizens either positively and negatively. so be careful when you select your law because if you don’t keep your promises it will cause a rise in Discontent and if you treat people badly it will cause fall of hope.

Heating – Generators is the heart of the city and it creates heat to make the city liveable but be careful will using them. if you put a lot of stress on it then it would break down. to maintain proper heat level in all part of the city. research Steam Hubs and Heaters they are quite useful.

Medical Care – as the game progress the temperature goes on decreasing which would mean more people getting sick and if this continues more serious conditions like frostbite and death will appear.

Sickness will decrease your city productivity and death would lead to loss of hope and rise in discontent. to prevent this build Medical Post, Care House and maintain proper heat level.

Food – this one of the factors which will determine the rise and fall of Discontent and Hope. the citizens need to be well fed, otherwise, they will start dying and is some case even start a riot.

To prevent this build Hunter’s Hut and assign some workers this will make them gather raw food. then build the cookhouse and assign some workers this will make the raw food into rations which will feed the citizens. further into the game, you can build Hothouse for agriculture purpose.

Shelters – not having shelters will also cause a rise in Discontent and Fall in Hope. homeless people will cause a rise in Discontent and if they are not given shelter they may die too will cause a loss of hope. So at early stages build Tent and Bunkhouse for all citizens. as you research more get the Child Shelter and House.

Entertainment And Prayers – If the citizens have high Discontent spend some of the resources to construct entertainment buildings like Public House and Fighting Arena. If the citizens have low hope build Prayer hall to increase it.



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