Frostpunk – Tips And Trick For Beginners To Survive


Developer and Publisher 11 bit studios have released their new latest game titled Frostpunk. it is a survival city builder game where players are tasked to build the last city on Earth by managing both citizens and infrastructures.

In Frostpunk there are many things players need to take care of to make the city livable and help the citizen survive. there are small and big mechanics so below you will find some tips and trick which you can use to survive and beat the game.

Tips And Trick For Beginners To Survive In Frostpunk

Have At Least 2 Scout team – searching your surrounding is very crucial so its good to make at least two scout teams and increase their speed. this way they can gather more new people and most importantly get more steam cores.

At Early Stages Build An Outpost – during the beginning of the map when you don’t have much resources, build the outpost. these buildings are pretty good resource generators and will help you survive the early stages of the game.

Always Build 2-4 Workshop – to increase the chance of your survival you need to make at least 2-4 workshop because research rate from just one workshop is too slow and missing the technologies because it would be fatal for your city. higher research rate would mean more new buildings and faster resource generation.

Build Gathering Post And Depots – at early stages of the game citizens will be gathering resources to the nearest gathering post. but once the storage space is full the extra resources will be thrown away to prevent this, build Depots any extra resources will be gathered here.

Make Sure The Pit Has Enough Heat – to fight the cold weather you will need to generate heat, not having enough heat would mean more sick people who will need medical attention. so make sure to make some tents or house near the heat zones.

Don’t Overlap the heat zones – while constructing steam hubs make sure not to overlap with other heat zones as it does not provide any benefits and is just a waste of heat.

Build Houses With Insulation – Houses may seem like a common thing but in Frostpunk nasty weather it is one of the best structures. it makes a livable space and creates a huge passive heat which can withstand strong cold even if the generator is not producing enough heat.

Always Build Your Medical Post Near Generator – this may not seems like a great tip but when the heat in the pit is low only the first circle will be getting enough or bare minimum heat. in this case, if your medical post is far away from generator then it would be a big problem for the ill people.

Use Extended Shift – this is one of the law which you can use on the citizens. it would increase the work hour by nearly four hours and although the citizens will gain some discontent it is nothing much to worry about. using this wisely would make production faster at early stages.

Use Law Wisely – when you create a new law be careful as it can change the course of the game. so always maintain a balance between Discontent and Hope. if Hope becomes too low or the Discontent rise too much it would be game over for you.

Use Wood As A Fuel When Running Low On Coal – if you ever happen to be running low on coal resource. use the wood to generate charcoal to heat up the pit. but be careful to not burn the whole wood supply otherwise you will be doomed.

Build Thumpers, Sawmills and Steelworks Fast. – once you have a workshop research and build the thumpers, sawmills, and steelworks. this building can give more works to the citizens and also produce more resources.

Always Search And Research To Have Constant Supply Of Resources –  most of the resources in and around the pit would deplete sooner or later. so it’s better to search for them with scouts and always research new technologies to make new ways to get the resources.

Micro Manage Citizen – you don’t have an infinite number of citizens so you will have to be efficient on how you use them. for example, if your sawmill has no trees near it release the workers and dismantle it and then make the workers do something more productive.

Using Automatons To Run Plants Can Be Both Useful And Risky – Automatons are not affected by cold which is a good thing and its make them even better when the resources like coal and trees are far away from the generator. but if these machines break down it will hamper the resources collection and even worse if you run out coal before it refuels itself. it would be nothing more than a useless metal junk so use it wisely.

Steam Hubs Can Refuel Automatons – if your coal production is good you can build some Steam Hubs. the automatons can refuel itself from the nearest steam hubs which will make them more efficient.

Active Building Features –  some buildings have an active ability which you might miss pretty easily. so every time you build a new structure check if it has an active ability or not. some have heaters, some have foremen to speed productions and more.

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