God Of War 2018 – Guide On How To Get The Valkyrie Armor

God Of War

Developer And Publisher Sony recently released their new latest game titled God Of War 2018. it is an action adventure game which is an eighth installment in the God Of War Series and the sequel to the GOW 3.

In God Of War 2018, players can collect new weapons, armor and other items which boost damage and defense. one of the Armors players can equip in the game is called the Valkyrie Armor which is a bit tricky to get. below you will find a guide on how to get the complete armor in the game.

Guide On How To Get The Valkyrie Armor Set In God Of War 2018

The Valkyrie Armor set is of the many Armors players can acquire in the game. the set has three pieces. the chest armor piece grants an unstoppable aura, the wrist armor gives the low chance of refreshing all runic attacks and the waist armor grants blessing of runic when using the runic attack.

Now to make the Valkyrie Armor set you will need to kill three valkyrie’s which will grant you three armor piece to complete the set. below you will find the guide on which Valkyrie to kill to get the armor.

Before you venture on your mission to get the armor you will need to get three things. first, the magic chisel which you will receive by progressing through the story, second you will need the Muspelheim Ciphers if you don’t have them follow Guide To Locations Of All Muspelheim Ciphers and third, you will need the Nilfheim Ciphers if you don’t have them follow Guide To Locations Of All Niflheim Ciphers.

Now comes killing the Valkyrie’s and getting the pieces.

  • Waist Guard Of The Valkyrie – first, go to the Alfheim region and then travel to Light Elf Shore. there open the Hidden Chamber using the chisel and inside it, you will find Valkyrie Olrun kill her and you will get the Waist Guard Of The Valkyrie.
  • Gauntlets Of The Valkyrie – use the Muspelheim Ciphers and go to the Muspelheim Realm. there you need to interact with the Giant Sword and start the trails, clear the five stages and in the final trails you will face Valkyrie Gondul kill her and you will get the Gauntlets Of The Valkyrie.
  • Cuirass Of The Valkyrie – use the Nilfheim Ciphers and go to the Nilfheim Realm. there you will face the Valkyrie Hildr kill her and you will receive the Cuirass Of The Valkyrie.

Now you will have the complete Valkyrie Armor set but if you want to upgrade the Armor you will need the Asgardian Steel which you get by killing the rest of the Valkyries. if you don’t have to know the location of the rest of Valkyrie, follow Locations Of All The Valkyrie And Hidden Chambers Guide

The rest of the resources like Mist Echoes, Nilfheim Alloy, Weaves can be found in Nilfheim and the Crest Of Flame can be found at Muspelheim.


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