For The King – Guide On How To Farm Gold Quickly

For The King

Developer IronOak Games and Publisher Curve Digital recently released their new latest game titled For The King. it is a turn-based adventure RPG game where players control a group of characters to fight against the rising threats.

In For The King, players can buy new weapons, armor, boots and other items to boost damage, defense, and other traits. to buy these items you will need gold which can be earned in many different ways. below you will find a guide on how to earn them quickly in the game.

Guide On How To Farm Gold Quickly In For The King

Gold is the currency in the Fahrul Realm which can be used to purchase any items. you can also sell items to earn gold.

There are several different ways to earn gold in the game but maximizing the gold earning is totally different. so below you will find some ways to earn gold and tips to maximize the earning.

The First way of collecting gold in the game is by defeating different creatures. so always have good equipment to survive as long as you can and earn more gold.

The second way is to complete different quests from the Encounters.throughout your playthrough you will face different encounters which have different rewards. one Encounters which you should look for is the Game Of Cards if you play well you will get bonus gold but if you fail you will lose gold. another Encounter is the Treasure Chest which is random and it gives gold and other items.

The third way is to earn gold is by stealing from other characters. if you steal from someone you will get 75% of whatever amount of gold the character is carrying. also, note that if your gold is stolen and you kill them before they run away you will get more gold and + gold multiplier.

The fourth way is to Maximize the gold earning for this you would need certain items which gives player + gold multiplier. below you will find the items which bonus Gold multiplier.

  • Four leaf clover – gives +10% Gold Multiplier
  • Fancy Ruff – gives +8% Gold Multiplier
  • Golden Ruff – gives +10% Gold Multiplier
  • Lucky Coin – gives +15% Gold Multiplier
  • Sanctums Of Wealth – gives +20% Gold Multiplier
Tips For Managing gold
  • Always make sure to have the character with highest Gold Multiplier in present in the battles.
  • Make sure that the character with Highest Gold Multiplier never dies otherwise you will lose bonus gold.
  • To increase the gold efficiency always pass the Gold that you get at the end of the fight to the character who has the highest Gold Multiplier.
  • If all the characters in the party have equal Gold Multiplier then share the gold equally.


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