Yakuza 6 – Guide On All The Food Combination For Bonus XP

Yakuza 6

Developer And Publisher Sega will be finally releasing one of the most awaited games of 2018 Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life. it is an action adventure game where players play as Kazuma Kiryu who has been released from the prison and is now trying the solve the mystery behind Haruka’s coma.

In Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life, players can play many different side missions, mini-games and more. you can keep Kiryu healthy and fed with almost any food but with certain food combinations, you can get bonus XP. below you will find a guide to a list of Food combinations in the game.

Guide On All The Food Combination For Bonus XP In Yakuza 6

You can do the food combination at almost all major restaurant in the game. just order them and let Kiryu eat and enjoy the bonus XP.

Below you will find the name of the restaurant or cafe and what food to combo with, these places are located in Kamarocho and Onomichi. so choose whatever you like

In Kamarocho


  • Blissfully Drinking Alone: Draft Beer, Beef Plate


  • Depth of 30 Years: The Mccallan 30 Years Old, Ballantine’s 30 Years Old, Hibiki 30 Years Old,

Cafe Alps

  • An Elegant Time At Alps: Special Shortcake, Sandwich Set

Fuji Soba

  • Harmony of Rice and Noodles: Katsudon, Chilled Soba
  • Rice Lover: Curry & Rice, Katsudon

Gindaco Highball Tavern

  • This is Ginadaco Highball!: Absolutely Tasty Takoyaki, The Kaku Highball

Ikinari Steak

  • Eating Wild: Wild Hamburg Steak 300g, Wild Steak 300g
  • A Solid Lineup: Salad, Soup, Tenderloin Steak 200g,

Kyushu No. 1 Star

  • The Holy Trinity: Fried Rice, Kyushu Tonkotsu Ramen, Gyoza

M Side Cafe

  • Bread Over Rice: Croissant, Toast, Original Bread

Osaka King

  • Spicy Combination: Shrimp in Chili Sauce, Mapo Tofu, Sichuan Dandan Noodles
  • Griddle Trio: Mixed Fried Rice, Ramen, Original Fried Gyoza,

Quadra Garden

  • Full of Cake: Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake

Ringer Hut

  • Veggie Lover: Veggie-filled Soup, Vegetable Champon, Vegetable Saraudon,

Smile Burger

  • Standard Smile Set: Smile Fries, Smile Burger, Smile Shake
  • Healthy Smile: Tuna Burger, Smile Salad

Sushi Gin

  • The Ultimate Sushi Gin: Kiwami Chirashi, Kiwami Seafood Rice Bowl, Kiwami Set

Sushi Zanmai

  • Tunalicious: Tuna Zanmai, Special Bluefin Tuna Bowl

Wette Kitchen

  • Delicious Side Dishes: Onion Ring, Tomato Onion Soup

Wild Jackson 

  • Wild Combo: Wild Burger, Wild Fried Chicken


  • I’ll Have This To Start: Draft Beer Medium, Edamame
  • I’ve Gotta Order That!: Kotchori Salad, Sashimi Platter 3 pcs, Skewer Platter
In Onomichi

Jumangoku Chinese Soba

  • A Cut Above: Large Chashu Onomichi Ramen, Large Onomichi Ramen,

La Pente

  • Aspiring Sommelier!?: Red Wine, White Wine

Oyster Shack

  • Testing Your Luck: Fisherman Soup, Octopus Sashimi, Salt-Grilled Rockfish

Snack Bar Gaudi

  • Quick & Easy: Pickles, Edamame


  • The Yonetoku Standard!: Stew, Sochu Highball, Meat Nabe,

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