Ring Of Elysium – Guide On How To Earn Credits Fast

Ring Of Elysium

The battle royale genre is now filled with many new games like Fortnite, Radical Heights, Robocraft and more. now there is a new game in this genre titled Ring Of Elysium which by many players is considered to be a better PUBG rip off.

In the game, players compete against other players to win the battle royal game. by playing every match players get credits which can be spent on costumes. below is a guide on how to earn Credits fast in this game.

Guide On How To Earn Credits Fast In Ring Of Elysium

With the credits, players can unlock new costumes to customize their characters. they don’t give any special advantages but your characters would look unique in it.

Earning credits is not a hard task but it can easily become tedious and also just because you unlocked a costume does not mean you will have it permanently.

Currently, there is only one way to earn credits in the game and that is by grinding more and more matches. after every match whether you win or lose you get some credits. but the amount of credits you earn is determined by your performance.

To boost the credit amount you need to take care of three things the amount of damage you do to other players, the rank you get in a match and amount of kills you have. at the end of the match the points from these three criteria would add up and it will determine what amount of credits you get.

So it would be better you try to win the game and also have some decent kills to rack up more points in your bag.

The game also only has 60 players battle royale so it should be faster when compared to other battle royale game which generally has 100 players fighting each other.

So deal as much damage as you can, increase kill count and the most important aim to win the game by doing this you will get more credits and you will be able to farm them faster

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