GTA 5 – List Of Console Command And Cheat Codes


Developer And Publisher Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 is one the best selling games in the video game industry. it is a multiplayer action open world game which attracts players even after three years of its release.

In the game, players can get new weapons, drive cars, fly planes and do more. but to do this players need to search for them and drive miles to reach it. below you will find a list of console commands which you can use to spawn them immediately and enjoy your gameplay.

List Of Console Command And Cheat Codes In GTA 5

Before you use the commands remember it only works in the offline mode in PC, so you need to set your steam status from online mode to offline mode.

To use the command press “~” in-game while in offline mode. if an input console does not appear you need to enable it manually. to do this right click on GTA 5 in steam library, then click on “Properties” then click on “Set Launch Options” and type “-console” and press ok.

Player Stats, Armor, And Weapons
  • CATCHME – Fast Run
  • DEADEYE – Slow Motion Aiming (enter the code 4 times to increase effect)
  • FLOATER – Moon Gravity
  • GOTGILLS – Fast Swim
  • HIGHEX – Explosive Bullets
  • HOPTOIT – Super Jump
  • HOTHANDS – Explosive Melee Attack
  • INCENDIARY – Flaming Bullets
  • JRTALENT – Enable Director Mode (enables the ability to change player model)
  • LIQUOR – Drunk
  • POWERUP – Recharge Ability
  • PAINKILLER – Invincibility (remains active for 5 minutes then you need to re-enter it)
  • SKYFALL – Spawns player mid-air
  • SLOWMO – Slow Motion (enter the code 3 times to increase effect)
  • SNOWDAY – Slippery Cars
  • SKYDIVE – Parachute
  • TURTLE – Max Health & Armor
  • TOOLUP – All Weapons with Ammo
Vehicle Spawns
  • BARNSTORM – Stunt Plane
  • BUBBLES – Kraken Sub (available after completing Wildlife Photography Challenge)
  • BUZZOFF – Buzzard
  • COMET – Comet
  • DEATHCAR – Duke O’ Death (available only after completing Duel random event)
  • EXTINCT – Dodo (available after only completing the Sea Plane random event)
  • FLYSPRAY – Duster
  • HOLEIN1 – Caddy
  • OFFROAD – Sanchez
  • ROCKET – PCJ-600
  • RAPIDGT – Rapid GT
  • TRASHED – Trashmaster
  • VINEWOOD – Limo
Wanted Level
  • FUGITIVE – Raise Wanted Level by one star
  • LAWYERUP – Lowers Wanted Level by one star
  • MAKEITRAIN – Change weather (changes the weather by cycling through Sunny, Clear, Cloudy, Smoggy, Overcast, Rainy, Thundery, Clearing and Snowing)

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