God Of War 2018 – How To Heal And Increase Max Health Life Bar

God Of War

Developer And Publisher Sony recently released their new latest game titled God Of War 2018. it is an action adventure game which is an eighth installment in the God Of War Series and the sequel to the GOW 3.

In God Of War 2018, players can collect new weapons, armor and other items which boost damage and defense. there are also ways in which players can heal and increase the max health capacity. below you will find a guide on how to do it in the game.

How To Heal In God Of War 2018

Health will be one of the most important things players will need to progress through the game. this will help you survive longer and not die over and over again.

The first thing to learn about Health in the new God Of War is how to heal. unlike previous GOW games, there are more than one ways to heal yourself.

The first method is the old school method which is collecting the green potions throughout your playthrough you will find many enemies which when killed drop green potions picking them up will heal you. the green potions can also be found in small breakable pots.

The second method is the by using the Rage Mode. when you low on health and are on verge of dying, use your Rage mode, in this mode, you will deal more damage but most important thing is that you will heal slowly as long as you the Rage mode is active.

The Third method is getting new equipment and gears. there are some armors and talismans which increase your health regeneration like theĀ Niflheim Armor which gives you a small amount of health regeneration and can stack up to five times.

How To Increase Max Health Life Bar In God War 2018

There are two ways you can increase the Max Health Life bar one is temporary max health which increases when you equip certain gears but it only affects Kratos as long as he is wearing them.

The second way to increase the Max health bar permanently is by collecting Idunn Apples. when you collect three Idunn Apples your max health capacity is increased. but these items won’t come to you that easily.

The Apples are locked behind Nornir Chests and to open it you will need to solve puzzles. the more chests you open the harder the puzzle gets. also, make sure to keep an eye for them as it is pretty easy to miss them.

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