Yakuza 6 – Guide On All The Rizap Meal Plans By Trainer

Yakuza 6

Developer And Publisher Sega will be finally releasing one of the most awaited games of 2018 Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life. it is an action adventure game where players play as Kazuma Kiryu who has been released from the prison and is now trying the solve the mystery behind Haruka’s coma.

In Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life, players can play many different side missions, mini-games and more. one of the mini-game involves the Rizap gym in which players train and then get a specific meal hint. below you will find answers to the all the meal that the trainer asks in the game.

Guide To All The Rizap Meal Plans By Trainer In Yakuza 6

After every training session in the Rizap Gym in Yakuza 6. Makuta, the trainer will give you a hint on what to eat to gain maximum experience.

He talks about what the foods contain and what benefits it gives you which are sometimes confusing. below you will find the important part of the hints and their answer. remember different player receive different question so choose the option carefully.

1 Go to a fast food chain and order something that offers double the average amount of meat. That’ll put a smile on your face!

  • Answer – King Smile Burger at Smile Burger

2 A quick meal that has carbs, eggs, and veggies! It’s at a place you’d stop by when you just need a light meal! Their homemade soup has a great flavor!

  • Answer – Egg Tempura Soba at Fuji Soba

3 An entire, delicious chicken thigh! They’re great to eat after training, but keep it mild!

  • Answer – Wild Fried Chicken at Wild Jackson

4 A standard light meal that includes eggs, meat, and vegetables would be good! A meal like that is usually offered in the morning.

Answer – Sandwich Pack at Cafe Alps

5 Something that’s relatively low in fat! It’s best when cooked on a grill!

  • Answer – Sirloin at Kanrai

6 A dish that contains a lot of scallions? You’ll be tempted to drink alcohol, but please try your best to resist it.

  • Answer – Kotchori Salad at Yoronotaki

7 One fish Japanese people just love! How about a dish that allows you to enjoy various parts of it

  • Answer – Tuna Zanmai at Sushi Zanmai

8 One dish consisting of just beef. Oh, you’re free to eat pickled red ginger with it too!

  • Answer – Beef Plate at Akaushimaru

9 A dish that consists of meat and vegetables. Let’s see… How about one where you can enjoy five different types of it? It all comes served on a skewer!

  • Answer – Skewer Platter at Yoronotaki

10 A meal that offers a lot of vegetable protein! It might be good for the appetite if it’s on the spicier side.

  • Answer – Mapo Tofu at Osaka King

11 Consume carbs and vegetables. Make sure it’s heavy on the vegetables. This meal is famous as a Nagasaki specialty!

  • Answer – Vegetable Champon at Ringer Hut

12 A round food that comes with cheese on top? It’s apparently most popular with women. You can eat it at a counter!

  • Answer – Cheese and Spicy Fish Roe at Gindaco Highball Tavern

13 A dish where you can consume rice, pork, and egg all together!

  • Answer – Katsudon at Fuji Soba

14 A rice dish topped with lots of thin pork slices! These pork slices are often used in some noodle dishes too!

  • Answer – Chashu Rice Bowl at Kyushu No. 1 Star

15 An unusual dish this time! I suggest some bite-sized grilled fish. It’s chock-full of calcium and protein! The flavorful roe will have you hooked!

  • Answer – Smelt Fish with Roe at Yoronotaki

16 Consume plenty of carbs! It’s the national dish that everyone loves! Please get the one with beef!

  • Answer – Original Beef Curry at Cafe Alps

17 Have some popular yakiniku!

  • Answer – Harami at Kanrai

18 Go for a dish low in sugar and high in protein. Oh yeah… I suggest a nutritious dish that’s packed with lobster!

  •  Answer – Lobster Miso Soup at Sushi Gin

19 I suggest going for vegetables and chicken! Steamed chicken breasts would be ideal!

  • Answer – Banbanji Chicken Salad at Osaka King

20 Go with a dish that contains both pork and veggies! Make sure it’s something that’ll fill you up! Cabbage would be good for the vegetable!

  • Answer  Twice-Cooked Pork at Osaka King

21 Something that’s packed with juicy meat and cooked on a hot iron plate! I suggest you eat 300 grams of it!

  • Answer – Wild Hamburg Steak 300g at Ikinari Steak

22 Go to a fast food chain and only have vegetables. It’s one of their standard dishes

  •  Answer – Smile Salad at Smile Burger

23 A ton of veggies with ginger! There’s a popular chain that’s been in town for years that serves up some great veggie dis

  • Answer – Veggie-Filled Soup at Ringer Hut

24 A fast food place where you can eat a good, old-fashioned, sunny-side up egg

  • Answer – Wette Egg Burger at Wette Kitchen

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