Yakuza 6: How To Get Tonkatsu Bento And Complete Crisis Management Professional

Yakuza 6

Developer And Publisher Sega will be finally releasing one of the most awaited games of 2018 Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life. it is an action adventure game where players play as Kazuma Kiryu who has been released from the prison and is now trying the solve the mystery behind Haruka’s coma.

In Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life, players can play many different side missions and mini-games. one of the side stories is the number 50 Crisis Management Professional in which you need to give the injured man a bento but finding the item is a difficult task. below you will find a guide on how to complete it.

How To Get Tonkatsu Bento And Complete Crisis Management Professional In Yakuza 6

In chapter 4, if you travel to Ropeway station you will notice a man injured near the taxi. the man is Saigo the person who trained Akiyama in Yakuza 4 and 5. When you speak with him he will ask for a specific food named Tonkatsu Bento which will help him recover.

The task seems to be simple just get the bento and revive him but the tricky part is the Bento is not available in Onomichi and not a single vendor in that region sells the Tonkatsu Bento.

To get this item you need to head to Kamurocho and then go to Tenkaichi Street. from there go to Poppo convenience store on right near the Yoshida Batting Center. get inside the store and by the item named “Bento Lunch Set.”

Once you have the item return to Onomichi and give it Saigo, he will recover his injury and then you can fight him and just defeat him. this will make Saigo a powerful character roaming the streets.

To Complete the side story 50 Crisis Management Professional, you need to look for clan missions in Onomichi Troublr app. while doing missions you will come across Saigo who is looking to try a new technique. defeat him three times.

He will return once again with the perfect technique, defeat him one last time and you will be able to recruit him.

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