Marie’s Room – Guide On How To Complete All Achievements

Marie's Room

Developer Kenny Guillaume, Dagmar Blommaert, and Publisher Kenny Guillaume recently released their new latest game titled Marie’s Room. it indie casual free to play game where players play as Kelsey remembering the past and living the present of Marie.

In the game, players can complete different tasks to complete different achievements. some are easy to complete and some are super hard especially the Every Word And Complete Picture Achievement. below you will find a guide on how to complete all of them.

Guide On How To Complete All Achievements In Marie’s Room

Welcome Back Kelsey – Just enter Marie’s room to unlock this achievement

A Change In Heart – to unlock this achievement, go to the bed and beside it, you will find a stand, look under it and you will find a case, unlock the case using the following combination 3-4-9-5-1.

Words Of Secrecy – to unlock this achievement, go to Marie’s laptop which you can find on a desk and then log into the laptop using the password “shadow person”

Cuteness Overlord – once you have logged into Marie’s laptop, look for a cat gif and open it to unlock the achievement

Close Chapter – to unlock this achievement, you need to pick up the journal and go downstairs after picking up the phone in the end.

Every Word And Complete Picture Achievement – this two particular achievements are tedious and will need a little work to complete them. you will need to perform certain actions and interact with objects. below you will find a list of objects and interactions to complete the achievements.

Main floor
  • Action: Try going downstairs
  • Door (interact 3 times)
  • Local wineguide
  • Picture (interact 2 times)
  • Weather forecast
Marie’s Present Room
  • Answer the phone
  • Interact With Postcard
  • Leave the house
  • Map
  • Read Marie’s journal
Marie’s Past Room
  • Beer bottle
  • Bike helmet
  • Bike basket
  • Broken window
  • Check doormat
  • Examine Case
  • Fan
  • Interact with Sheet of paper
  • Interact with Picture
  • Interact with “The Green Eatery” card
  • Kelsey’s phone
  • Keys
  • Name badge
  • Orange peels
  • Open drawer
  • Open notebook
  • Open the case under the stand code 3-4-5-9-1
  • Phone
  • Pillow
  • Pizza boxes
  • Poster
  • Read Marie’s journal
  • Read Marie’s journal to get the code for the case
  • Ringbinder
  • Ripped shirt
  • Rubik’s cube
  • Search Kelsey’s backpack
  • Search Kelsey’s jacket
  • Shopping bags
  • Smoking jar
  • Sparkly shoes
  • Stone
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit
  • Takeout menu
  • T-shirt
  • Turn the Desk lamp on
  • Turn the Record player on
  • Use the Laptop using password “shadow person” and click on 2 emails, 3 tabs, and cat.gif
  • Whiteboard
  • World map



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