Will To Live Online – Guide And Tips And Tricks To Survive

Will To Live Online

Developer and Publisher AlphaSoft LLC has released their new latest game titled Will To Live Online. it is a first-person multiplayer survival game where players are placed in a post-apocalyptic world filled with strange anomalies and mutants.

In Will To Live Online, players need to level up, get weapons, collect resources, team up with other players and survive the onslaught of monsters and other players. all this mechanics can get a bit confusing for players. so below you will find a guide on how to Survive the harsh world.

Guide And Tips And Tricks To Survive In Will To Live Online

Before you begin the game you will be presented with four classes from which you can choose. each of the class has different traits, pros and cons, and skills.

  • Miner – as the name suggest these class specializes in mining and gets more from loots while mining. furthermore, you can level the max weight and deal more damage from shotguns.
  • The Hunters – the hunter class specializes in survival, players will deal more damage with pistols and rifles. medkit gives 10% more healing, increase the loot from mutant by 10%. it also has a skill which reduces the max weight capacity by 10%
  • Mercenary – this class specialize in combat, players can increase their stamina, equip better armor, increase accuracy and damage of assault weapons, increase the rate of fire and the damage from grenades.
  • Engineer – this class deals more damage with SMG’s and explosives, Medikits gives 10% more healing, 10% more XP than other class. it also has a skill which reduces the max weight capacity by 10%.
Earn XP

Your characters will depend a lot on XP to unlock new skills and on money to get new weapons, armor and more.

As soon as you begin the game go to Colonel Mihalich and he will give you a gun for free which has more than 50 ammo and 50% durability. after this get to complete some small quests like killing rats, collecting mushroom. doing this will get you level 3 in no time.

Once you reach level 3 get a shotgun and go to The Miner Cat and then hunt the watchers. there are two types of watchers invisible watchers and normal watchers. you can track invisible watchers by hearing their sounds. killing them will give you XP and selling their claws will give you decent money. doing this will get you levels easily.

Earn Money Fast

During early stages of the game, you should aim to collect two types of mushroom the Cep Mushroom and Milk Mushroom. these two gives a pretty good amount of money when sold.

Once you reach level 6 you should get a shotgun and hunt boars to make big bucks plus the boars also give good XP.

You can also use a risky method of earning money which gives a lot of money. first get some Medkits, Antiradpills, shotguns, ammo and some vodka. then head towards the E7-2 safe mine zone and from there proceed towards the bunker located in K9-3.

As you walk towards the bunker you will start getting the effect of radiation. to reduce the negative effect drink some vodka and run as fast as you can. when you start taking damage take the Antiradpills and don’t stop till you reach the safe zone.

Once you reach the bunker you need to find the blue slimy creatures. kill them using the shotgun but be careful they deal heavy damage. once you kill them you can get 50-60 tokens and gold. also, search the bunker and other areas for more free consumables and items


You can use blacksmith to get armor plates which are used make your armor stronger and durable. to make these plates you will need different materials like metal and steel.

To get those items go to Miner and buy the Blacksmithing recipes you want. to buy the recipes you will need gold.

Anomalies In Will To Live Online

Throughout your gameplay, you will encounter many different types of anomalies some of them are harmless and some pose a threat.

  • Wind Anomaly – This anomaly looks like a small tornado and if it hits you it will kick you up in the air and deal a lot of damage.
  • Fire Anomaly – this anomaly makes strange loud sounds and is barely visible. it moves around on the map and if it hit you it will deal deadly damages.
  • Toxic Green Anomaly – this anomaly looks like a cloud of green gas. the longer you stay in it the more damage you will take. once you leave the green cloud its poison effect will fade away slowly.
  • The Hazy Gas Anomaly – this anomaly has no color and make the environment looks blurry. its work similar to the toxic green gas but does less damage.
  • Teleporting Anomaly – this anomaly looks blurry and is harmless. it can teleport you to a different location but sometimes it teleport you up in the sky and it will most likely kill you when you drop. so use it at your own risk.



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