Double Kick Heroes – How To Unlock Songs in Story Mode and Arcade Mode

Double Kick Heroes

Developer Headbang Club and Publisher Headbang Club, WhisperGames and Kakehashi have released their new latest game titled Double Kick Heroes. it is an indie action rhythmic game where players need to hit the perfect note to kill the zombies and other enemies.

The game has 30 levels with 30 awesome metallic songs some are be unlocked by progressing through the game and some are hidden. two of the hidden songs can be unlocked once you complete the campaign but will need a little more work. below you will find a guide on how to get them.

How To Unlock Songs in Story Mode and Arcade Mode In Double Kick Heroes

There are two songs in the game “Destroy and Race and Groove” and “Don’t Bite My Butt!” which is locked and players need to do a certain task to unlock.

The songs can be unlocked in two ways one by beating the story mode and second by beating the arcade mode.

Story Mode

To unlock “Destroy and Race and Groove” finish the campaign and return to Marlene’s garage. when you reach you will know that the sharks have attacked the place and Marlene is missing. keep going back and you will receive Marlene’s note. this will unlock the song.

To unlock “Don’t Bite My Butt! finish the campaign and return to casino place. in the casino click on the radio repeatedly and then talk to Derek the blonde drummer and he will talk about the radio. furthermore into the conversation, you will find that Snake the keyboardist has found an ad for a babymetal concert. this will unlock the song.

Arcade Mode

To unlock the two songs in the arcade mode., play the first boss battle which is the shark head this will unlock the “Destroy and Race and Groove” song, then proceed to beat that song to unlock “Don’t Bite My Butt!

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