I Feel From Grace – How To Get True Ending And All Six Keys

I Feel From Grace

A few months ago Developer and Publisher Deep Taiga released their game titled I Feel From Grace. it is an indie adventure point and click puzzle game where players try to solve the mystery of the strange gift that has cured his wife.

In I Feel From Grace, players can either get the normal ending or the true ending. but to get the true ending they need to collect all keys. below you will find a guide on how to get all the keys and unlock the true ending.

How To Get True Ending And All Six Keys In I Feel From Grace

To get the true ending of the game players needs to collect a total of six keys which can be obtained by doing different tasks.

Before you begin remember there will be some spoilers so proceed only if you are ok with it.

The Six Keys

Key #1 Can only be done on Day 2 – search for a bench located between the library and the apartment block. once you see it go to the bench and collect the VHS tape. then go to the video store and you will notice a couple arguing give them the tape and you will receive the key.

Key #2 Then Procced to the occult bookstore in the alley and give the owner the key you received from the couple. he will return you the couple’s key and give you another key.

Key #3 First, go to the old building and talk with the old man in 203 then get access to the third floor of the Liebermann building and go to 306. you will find a woman who has lost her grandfather and is searching for him. tell her about the old man and she will leave a key for you.

Key #4 On Day 4 – go to apartment 301 and you will find a man who has lost his cat. offer him help and then go to the library. once in the library go to the right wing and interact with the bookshelf to see the cat. return to the man in 301 and tell him about the cat. then once again return to the right wing of the library and you will find the key.

Key #5 At one point in the game, you will climb through the nursery window to get into your house. look for the key on the chest of the drawers.

Key # 6 On Day 5 – go to the back of the Liebermann building and you will find a key on one of the trees.

True Ending

Now you have all the six keys, take those to the park area located between the apartment and the library. in the middle of the park you will find a door, use all the six keys to open it and inside you will find a locket that Grace gave you and you lost.

With the locket in your hand proceed to finish the game and you will get the True Ending.

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