Call Of Duty: WW2 Shadowed Throne – Location Of All Recordings

Call Of Duty: WW2 Shadowed Throne

Developer Sledgehammer Games And Publisher Activision have released the second DLC titled Call Of Duty: WW2 Shadowed Throne. it is a first-person shooter based and is the fourth map of the WW2 and has various locations.

In Call Of Duty: WW2 Shadowed Throne players can unlock new weapons, easter egg, secrets and more. one such mysterious item in the Shadowed Throne are the recordings which players can collect in the gameĀ with a little work. below is the guide on how you get both of them.

Location Of All Recordings In Call Of Duty: WW2 Shadowed Throne

The latest is fun and brings a lot of secret mysteries. the recordings are one of the items which contain audio logs and are a total mystery to everyone but most players speculate that it will help solve the secrets behind the Zombies.

There are a total of two recordings hidden in the new the Shadowed Throne DLC which you can collect by searching and doing some work.

First Recording

To get the first one go to the apartment and then look for the song record on top of the filing cabinets. once you get it search for the room with a dead woman lying on the bed.

Just near the dead woman, you will find a record player/gramophone. insert the record into it and it will play the secret song Dark Wings. this will cause the dead woman to open her hand and then you can collect the recording.

Second Recording

Getting the second recording is a bit tedious but it can be done with some work. to get the recording you need to shoot 8 lamps quickly in just 25 seconds. all the eight lamps are present in circle form. below is the location of the lamps

  • On the right side of the front desk.
  • To the right of the lobby on a small table beside the instruments.
  • On top of a big pile of rubble.
  • On the stage near the piano
  • In The Backstage area next to the stage levers
  • On top of a clothing rack
  • Next to the poster of a Cheetah on a table
  • On the left side of the desk at the front of the theater.
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