Welcome To The Game 2 – Tips And Trick To Beat The Game

Welcome To The Game 2

Developer Reflect Studios and Publisher Reflect Studios recently released their new game titled Welcome To The Game 2. it is a horror puzzle game and a sequel to the original Welcome To The Game which came out in the year 2016.

Welcome To The Game 2 is a pretty hard game and even experienced players are having trouble completing it. the reason for it being so difficult is the RNG mechanics which can destroy players any time. but you can use the tips and tricks to increase your odds and beat the game.

Tips And Trick To Beat The Game In Welcome To The Game 2

The Keys/Hashes – The ultimate goal of the game is to collect 8 Keys/Hashes by going through the three-tier networks The Wiki 1, Wiki 2, Wiki 3.

Farm DOScoin – To Progress through the game, you will need DOScoin which will help you buy more hardware and software. to farm a lot of coins, get max number of VPNs and place them in green positions. remember no two VPNs will have a green position in a particular location. every VPN has different green locations.

Always Change Wifi – make it a habit to change the wifi constantly this will reduce the chance of you getting swatted.

Always Close The Door – Make sure you close the door otherwise you the threats in the game will just walk in and you will be dead.

Always Upgrade your Dongle – you can do this by going to the shadow market and buying the upgraded Dongle. there is three version Dongle 1 is the basic, Dongle 2 is upgraded version, Dongle 3 is upgraded version of 2. level 3 is the fastest and gives a better connection.

Get Higher Level VPN – there are a total of 5 VPNs each of them reduces the chance of getting hacked. the level 5 VPN is the most efficient of all of them. it reduces the chance of getting hacked by 99%.

Different Websites Are Available At different times – some websites are hidden and are only visible at certain times. so keep checking for new sites every 10-15 mins (in game time).

Buy Backdoor – At early stages of the game when you don’t have enough DOScoin to get better VPN and Dongle. use Backdoor it cost 1 DOScoin for single use and by using it whenever you block a hack you steal DOScoin.

Key Cue – this is the most useful and also the most expensive software you can buy in the game. it shows a symbol of a key when you are on a webpage.

Check Source Codes – Whenever you visit a site always check it source codes for keys/hashes.

More Keys More Enemies – the more keys you collect the more frequently you will see Noir, hear Lucas and Swat teams.

Avoid Dollmaker Site – always avoid dollmaker site and only click on it if there is no other website to check. remember just clicking on it will trigger the Dollmaker.

Get Threat Detecting Softwares and Hardware – Police Scanner, Motion alerts, Motion sensor, and Blue Whisper not guarantee safety but will make your life easier.

Countering Threats In Welcome To The Game 2

Swat Team

  • Swat team tracks you by your wifi connection.
  • The audio cue of Swat Team is the police siren which increases as they approach you.
  • Constantly changing wifi will not guarantee complete protection but does help you.
  • Get The skyBREAK – WPA2, hack the WPA2 network and use them as these have very low chance of getting tracked by police.
  • Get Police Scanner – police scanner helps a lot it will tell you if they are coming for you. if they on their way change the WPA2 Wifi. this will confuse them for some time. but remember this method does not always work.


  • The audio cues for Lucas are footsteps and lockpicking
  • Get motion sensor and motion alert to know if Lucas is coming to your door.
  • He can get inside the apartment even if you don’t hear the footsteps.
  • If you notice Lucas coming disconnect all networks or just turn off your PC.
  • If you turn off the light before Lucas enters your apartment he will search the apartment for a short time. but if you have lights on he will search for a long time.
  • If Lucas is in your apartment and your hiding in the closet never peak or you will die. always wait for him to leave the apartment.
  • Using both Blue Whisper and Motion sensor is a good way to know if Lucas entered your apartment while you were outside.


  • Breather only appears when you are in the alleyway.
  • Audio cue for Breather are footsteps and laughter
  • If you are unable to collect the package or enter the alleyway door. this means you are just dead and it is unavoidable.
  • When you enter the alleyway don’t run and walk backward toward the package location.
  • If you hear footsteps or laughter then he will come and will kill you. to avoid this walk backward and get inside the door towards the end of the alley and don’t peak from doors window and let the Breather walk past the door.
  • Sometimes Breather also tries to open the door. when you notice door moving in, click on hold the door. after trying to unsuccessfully break the door he will go away.

The Noir

  • Noir always appears at window, balcony, behind doors, and hallway.
  • Never get near a Noir or you will die.
  • If you see a Noir maintain some distance turn your back and wait for 30-40 second and he will go away.
  • The more keys you get the more aggressive and frequently he will spawn.
  • Be careful during the power outage. it spawns in dark areas and you may run into him without even noticing it

The DollMaker

  • He will come for you if you clicked on dollmaker site.
  • Cues – after sometimes of you visiting the dollmaker site. a creepy doll noise will be heard outside the door. you will see the dollmaker with a doll and then the power will get shut down. you will have to go to maintenance room to turn the light on and your way back he will ask you find a woman.
  • Once the quest begins you get a doll head on your door. you need to put it on the woman door.
  • To find the woman first get the Lolpy Disc from Shadow market.
  • Use the disc on the lobby computer and find the woman. after finding her place the doll on her door.
  • You may have to perform this task multiple times.

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